YOU and YOUR Life Theory

YOU are unique and in your uniqueness is only YOUR theory

Most of us are always growing, learning, and developing

throughout our lifetime.  If you are not growing, learning, and

developing then YOU are stagnant and stressed everyday.

My sister was stagnant and stressed everyday – she died o

Leukemia at 65 and when given 2 weeks to live she called me

and we were talking and she said;

“I wish I had done more with my life; I know I could have”.

I told I know she could have also and so sad for her at these

last weeks of her life she acknowledged and knew she could have

done more, been more, succeeded more.  Instead, she chose

the easy way of being on social security disability.  There

is nothing wrong with that except that in her case she just took

the easy way out instead of making the daily effort of knowing

SELF and finding out her Life Theory and have peace, joy and

Harmony in that.

She was bright, and very nice and could have had a very

successful career if she would have put forth the daily work

I believe that do not ask what YOU expect from life but ask

The major theory here:

What does Life expect from ME?

When you ask yourself that question you are forced to go on a

journey of Selfhood and YOU will know what life expects from


Life is not always fair, life is not always easy, and life can be

painful, life can be trauma, life

READ about these people and you will see their journey of

pain and trauma but they produced and empowered themselves:

Immanuel Velikovsky

Jim Garrison

Viktor Frankl

Paul Erdos

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

They all came up with their own Life Theory but it was theirs

based on the truth and how they lived their life.

They did not care what other people thought.

They did what they did for the truth

They each knew Selfhood and the consequences of that

Knowing their own Life Theory

From my reading these wonderful people who have left so much

behind for us to believe in and find our own Life Theory I have

taken something from all of them plus hundreds of other people

who have written or made a different in our world history – in the

past and for in the future we will have their books and their


I believe that we cannot move up and forward unless we see and

learn from others on their Life Theory but knowing our self and our

characteristics all adds to knowing

What Life expects from YOU or Me or each person

Life Theory may come when you are young but for most people it

takes aging and developing over decades.

I have always had my own theory:

There are givers and there are takers.

I always wanted to be a giver, do what I can when I see a need,

respect other people’s space and opinion.  Love always, have joy.

There are always going to be takers – I stay away from them just

automatically.  Along with needy people, drama people and