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Mind By February 23, 2018
      You are so unique and love yourself but always improving on SELF - I love learning - I am always trying to improve on knowledge and the world around me.  I am unique, I was unique in...


Mind By February 14, 2018
  You have to exercise 1 hour a day This is my story for exercising.  I have exercised for almost 25 years - doing various things.  I have a stationary bike, a rebounder(small trampoline-being said it is the best of...


Mind By February 12, 2018
Grief is an individual natural response to loss.  More significant loss, the more intense the grief.  Here is a list that can cause grief: Divorce Loss of health Losing a job Loss of financial stability A miscarriage Retirement Death of...


PH Levels

Body By February 2, 2018
How to determine if YOUR body is alkaline or acid. The more alkaline your body the healthier you will be. In today's environment - in YOUR environment - it is hard to keep your body alkaline. It is a daily...

Calcium Bentonite Clay

Body By January 26, 2018
We are going to talk about what a good quality organic Calcium Bentonite Clay will help in your Health Here are a few of the functions of Calcium Bentonite Clay -  Detoxify Cheanse Balance Alkalize Stimulate Energize Clays have been...



Spirit By February 26, 2018
      Create the protocol you want to live by so you have that Healthy Life Span If you have any kind of health issues - look up and read the Paleo Diet Blog and by eating Paleo Diet...

Earthing – What?

Spirit By February 16, 2018
Everyday or as much as possible do your earthing. Go out and stand or sit in your yard or on the dirt or grass. The energy from the earth will flow through your body.  You are connected energetically to the earth and...