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Subconscious Mind

Mind By March 30, 2018
You can use the subconscious powers of SELF. Prayer is the harmonious interaction between conscious and subconscious mind. All of us have different names for: GOD Higher Power Infinite Intelligence and if you have another name for the above:  use...


Mind By February 23, 2018
      You are so unique and love yourself but always improving on SELF - I love learning - I am always trying to improve on knowledge and the world around me.  I am unique, I was unique in...



Body, Uncategorized By April 4, 2018
Forgive SELF has to forgive ALL Forgive SELF first - for ALL Forgive anyone who has been difficult to you over the years.  FOR EVERYTHING Forgiving Self and everyone is STRESS Releasing and will help your overall mind, body and...

PH Levels

Body By February 2, 2018
How to determine if YOUR body is alkaline or acid. The more alkaline your body the healthier you will be. In today's environment - in YOUR environment - it is hard to keep your body alkaline. It is a daily...



Spirit By April 2, 2018
This is at the top of the pyramid as to how to take care of SELF for living a healthy life No matter what your diet or food choices are you need to do Alkaline choices every day Foods that...


Spirit By February 26, 2018
      Create the protocol you want to live by so you have that Healthy Life Span If you have any kind of health issues - look up and read the Paleo Diet Blog and by eating Paleo Diet...