Linda Patterson

Linda Patterson

I invite you to join me on my journey of building and maintaining a healthy life span

In 1989 I took control of SELF, when in my late 40s when I became “Hypothyroid.”  Aging healthy and being productive were issues that became foremost in my daily walk.

I knew I had to quit smoking.  I did not want my children to watch me die from emphysema, coming to the hospital for visits, watching me walk around with an oxygen machine.  Not wanting that stress for them was my driving force for finding out about Self, and aligning my Mind, Body, and Spirit with health, peace, and productivity.

Whether I had children or not, I still had family and friends that were close to me and dealing directly with my questions about health and aging would always be relevant.

I love being a Mom. I was a stay-at-home Mom until I was 40, and since then, have been blessed with jobs that I enjoyed, and personal challenges I’ve met successfully.

All my childhood family had all died by the time I was 63 – from different kinds of cancers, so I knew that possibly the family genes and DNA was susceptible to lifestyle, environment, foods, and characteristics.

There is not just one thing that causes disease, but here is a list of factors that could effect for your long-term health:

  • Personality
  • Foods
  • Water
  • Exercise
  • Drugs
  • Life-style
  • Blood-type
  • Birthdate

Through my discovery of Self I found my blood type is O-positive, which has characteristics of Hypothyroidism and/or:

  • Susceptible to  cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.
  • Difficult menstrual cycles
  • Hard time getting pregnant

Based on my research, I factor my hypothyroidism into my healthy life span and all the other factors of Self.

Life-Long Learning is very important to my Self

I took an algebra class when I was 65 because I wanted to!

I have a library of about 2,000 books – having read 95% of them.  I am saving the other 5% for rainy days.  Books ranging from ancient world history to current political books, autobiographies, biographies, and when doing research try to read at least 5 different authors on each topic.  A large section of my collection are books on health, mind, body and spirit.

Reading on all these topics have given me an unusual perspective that each of us is unique in mind, body, and spirit and we need to develop our plan on living a healthy life with our uniqueness in mind at all times.

Knowing Self became part of my daily life. My blood type, personality type, lifestyle, environment, characteristics are all aspects of my living, and enjoying a healthy life span. I have made my choice, it is my intent to “Die-Healthy.” To accomplish my goal I will focus on those things that will keep me healthy and productive until the day I crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Are YOU ready to start the very personal journey of knowing YOUR Self?

  • Are you ready to think of yourself at 80 years old and beyond?
  • What do you want to be like at 80?
  • Have you thought of “how” you want to die?
  • Do you want to die “healthy” or do you want to die “sick”?

Start on your “Self–Plan” Today

It is time for you to plan the rest of your life. Knowledge of  SELF is the path to a healthy lifespan.

The “Serenity Prayer” has played a big part in Self – learning early on that I could only control Self – and that forgiving Self and Others helped in keeping Self healthy.