Rainbow on road less traveled

Some thoughts about Dr. M. Scott Peck’s book, “The Road Less Traveled”

Dr. Peck says he does not make any distinction between the mind and the spirit, and therefore no distinction between the process of achieving spiritual growth and achieving mental growth, and I can see that there certainly is a reason to believe in this process for myself.

I always encourage everyone to read all the books we talk about on this website because we all understand and accept anything with our own uniqueness.

I believe everyone has a different perspective on mind and spirit so it is an individual decision but maybe we should just accept the fact that the holistic whole person includes all this and more.

I read this book in the 1980s – and the first sentence in the book that will always be one of the most important 3 words to me is:

“Life is difficult.”

Things never change because that is the first of the Four Noble Truths which Buddha taught which is “Life is suffering”…and we all look at that from our own perspective.

I thought everyone lived like my family – and as I have developed and gained insight on my own awareness no one lived like us because we all are unique families.

Even every individual within a family does not have same spirituality as each other nor should they.

Dr. Peck does write that life is a series of problems and asks “Do we want to moan about them or solve them?” — “Do we want to teach our children to solve them?”

Solving OUR problems is very easy when YOU can make decisions but there may be two reasons YOU need to know for SELF:

  1. Only solve YOUR problems – not anyone else’s problems — not even your parents or children’s.
  2. The better you know SELF the better and faster you can solve YOUR problems.

Discipline is the basic set of tools we require to solve life’s problems. Without discipline, we can solve nothing. Looking in-depth and picking things apart we can solve life’s problem – talking to SELF, encouraging SELF, doing nice things for SELF, being kind to SELF also help solve problems. And what can be a small life’s problem to you may be a big life’s problem to me or the other way around.

Self-discipline is just one of the tools in our arsenal of how to deal with life’s problem and solve them.

And always remember that you only have to solve YOUR problems and not anyone else’s or take them on yourself, let go of other’s problems. Repeat the Serenity Prayer – forever and forever and be thankful every day, Let Go and Let God – love those Alanon sayings.

Do not avoid solving YOUR problems because will cause MORE problems and will cause YOU greater stress and be an inability to develop mentally and spiritually like YOU really want.

Cannot stress that the week you die — if you do not start today YOU will say the same thing my sister did when they gave her 2 weeks: “I know I could have done more with my life”