Sea Gull

What you can learn walking down a beach…

Today, we are going to talk about this wonderful spiritual book that will add to your life in a wonderful way but if you have already read it then you know that but read on and enjoy what it has meant to me and others since it was written in the 1970’s.

Richard Bach said he was walking along the beach one day and a voice told him the summary of the book, although Mr. Bach is an admitted atheist.





YOUR commitment to moving higher and higher

That is Johnathan – and is that YOU?

Banished from his flock because he tries to be different!

Johnathan moved to a higher level of existence.

Is that what YOU are doing?

Johnathan found a master, a mentor, a guide that led him down  the path of greater truth.

ARE YOU going down that path?  START TODAY

Other seagulls learned from Johnathan that higher truths are more important than popularity and fitting in.

Johnathan and his friend, Fletcher, discuss love and decide that real love is seeing the good in everyone.  Johnathan realizes he is no longer needed, he disappears and lets Fletcher continue his work.  Johnathan forgives the flocks, and Fletcher carries on the work, Johnathan forgives the Flock for banishing him and leaves behind Fletcher, a wise seagull, to continue his work.

Reading any book just one time is not going to allow you to reach that higher level you want.  Not necessarily reading a book right after you have finished it, but say let some time go by and you will learn more about you because in the spiritual books we talk about this website Spirituality is about development throughout  YOUR lifetime.

Ray Bradbury, at the end of his life, said, “Will each of us think, I DID MY BEST! — Or — I NEVER TRIED….”

I work on on the productivity theory since the 1970s. I always have projects going:  sewing, knitting, painting my home outside and inside, volunteer work.  My library is about 2,000 books so have read a lot – and do read books more than 1 time.  So I will continue on this path of productivity.  And I am saddened to say when my sister was dying she told me: “I wish I would have done more with my life- I know I could have.”  I do not want for you at the end of your life.  I have planned for the end of my life to look back to be meaningful.

Looking within and moving to those higher levels that we were made for.

I always wanted to make my life “meaningful”.  The only way I could do that was with the talents and knowledge I have been given.

YOU and I have to do our best every day and then we know at the end we can say “I did my best”.