Healthy NutritionStart today taking care of your posture, muscles, bones and



It is all about YOUR NUTRITION that goes into your body

YOUR body changes in posture and gait-your walking pattern are

common with aging.  Also, changes in the skin and hair are



YOUR skeleton provides support and structure to the body.  YOU

need to know what to do to take care of this support system.

muscles provide the force and strength to move the body.

Coordination is directed by the brain but is affected by changes

in the muscles and joints.  Changes in the muscles, joints, and

bones affect the posture and walk, and lead to weakness and

slowed movement.


YOU will loose bone mass and or density as YOU age, especially

women after menopause.  YOUR bones lose calcium and other




Even YOUR foot arches may become less pronounced,

contributing to a slight loss of height.


The long bones of YOUR arms and legs are more brittle because

of mineral loss, but they do not change length.


The joints become stiffer and less flexible.  Fluid in the joints may

decrease.  The cartilage may begin to rub together and wear

away.  Minerals may deposit in and around some joint such as



Hip and knew joints may begin to lose cartilage and the fingers

and bones may thicken.


Lean body mass decreases.  This decrease is partly cased by a

loss of muscle tissue and atrophy sets in.


The speed and amount of muscle changes seem to be caused by

genes.  Muscle changes often begins in the 20 s in men and in

the 40 s in women.


Muscles fibers shrink, muscle tissue is replaced more slowly.


Lost muscle tissue may be replaced with a tough fibrous tissue.

Most noticeable in the hands, which may look thin and bony.


YOU may not notice YOUR inside body, muscles, and joints are

Starting to change in your 40 s as a woman – but BEWARE those

are changing and you need to be proactive and not wait until

something happens to YOUR body and become reactive.



  1. Muscle loss can affect your energy level
  1. Muscles play a role in your body movement, balance and


  1. Invest in your muscles NOW before something happens.
  1. YOUR diet is directly linked to YOUR muscle health.
  1. Eat to build up muscle loss – NUTRITION
  1. NOURISH your body – start today


My body was out of alignment for along time-had to have both

hips replace but have been working to rebuild

I fix chicken feet broth to help build my collagen back into my

muscles and joints.


Buy chicken feet at farmer’s market and cook in slow cooker for

about 20 hours with a couple table Bragg’s apple cider vinegar.

Put into zip lock bags in the freezer and drink one cup a week.

It makes your body feel so wonderful and your face will be smooth

and show no wrinkles – even at almost 75 years of age I have no