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YOU and YOUR Life Theory

YOU are unique and in your uniqueness is only YOUR theory

Most of us are always growing, learning, and developing

throughout our lifetime.  If you are not growing, learning, and

developing then YOU are stagnant and stressed everyday.

My sister was stagnant and stressed everyday – she died o

Leukemia at 65 and when given 2 weeks to live she called me

and we were talking and she said;

“I wish I had done more with my life; I know I could have”.

I told I know she could have also and so sad for her at these

last weeks of her life she acknowledged and knew she could have

done more, been more, succeeded more.  Instead, she chose

the easy way of being on social security disability.  There

is nothing wrong with that except that in her case she just took

the easy way out instead of making the daily effort of knowing

SELF and finding out her Life Theory and have peace, joy and

Harmony in that.

She was bright, and very nice and could have had a very

successful career if she would have put forth the daily work

I believe that do not ask what YOU expect from life but ask

The major theory here:

What does Life expect from ME?

When you ask yourself that question you are forced to go on a

journey of Selfhood and YOU will know what life expects from


Life is not always fair, life is not always easy, and life can be

painful, life can be trauma, life

READ about these people and you will see their journey of

pain and trauma but they produced and empowered themselves:

Immanuel Velikovsky

Jim Garrison

Viktor Frankl

Paul Erdos

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

They all came up with their own Life Theory but it was theirs

based on the truth and how they lived their life.

They did not care what other people thought.

They did what they did for the truth

They each knew Selfhood and the consequences of that

Knowing their own Life Theory

From my reading these wonderful people who have left so much

behind for us to believe in and find our own Life Theory I have

taken something from all of them plus hundreds of other people

who have written or made a different in our world history – in the

past and for in the future we will have their books and their


I believe that we cannot move up and forward unless we see and

learn from others on their Life Theory but knowing our self and our

characteristics all adds to knowing

What Life expects from YOU or Me or each person

Life Theory may come when you are young but for most people it

takes aging and developing over decades.

I have always had my own theory:

There are givers and there are takers.

I always wanted to be a giver, do what I can when I see a need,

respect other people’s space and opinion.  Love always, have joy.

There are always going to be takers – I stay away from them just

automatically.  Along with needy people, drama people and







Your spirit is from all YOUR years before and what you have


learned and the knowledge YOU gain in YOUR Life’s lessons.


Here are some of the


most influential spiritual books in the last 50 years and


some of them I have read over and over to gain insight and some


of them I will read in the future but I always want to go to the next


level –and I know that by learning and knowledge I can always


do that.


  1. The Secret


Rhonda Byrne


Law of Attraction


Asking for what you want


Believing in what you want


And being open to receiving it


Reader can shift their perspective



  1. The Alchemist


Paulo Coelho


Shepherd journeys to Egypt pyramids to find treasure


Lessons of discovery of your personal legend,


Being your one true purpose


And understanding omens



  1. The Art of Happiness:  A handbook for Living


Howard Cutler


Importance and attainability of happiness in everyday living


The purpose of life is to find happiness, which is determined


by one’s mental state, despite outside circumstances


No spiritual rules or religious guidelines



  1. The Celestine Prophecy


James Redfield


Part adventure and part new age spiritual novel


Journey through Peru as he uncovers nine spiritual insights.


Shifting a person’s perspective



  1. A New Earth

Eckhart Tolle


Reducing the ego


Ego source of all inner and outer conflicts


Awakened consciousness



  1. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success




Importance of success in life


Happiness and realization of goals, success is not limited


to wealth


Vedic teachings and presents them to a western audience.



  1. The Road Less Traveled


Psychiatrist M. Scott Peck


Attributes that makes a fulfilled human being


Discipline, Love, and Grace



  1. Jonathan Livingston Seagull


Richard Bach


Different than other gulls


Devastated that he was outcast from group.


Moved him to higher plane


To all of us who refuse to conform


Teaching love, forgiveness, and how to reach YOUR


true potential



  1. Eat, Pray, Love; One Woman’s Search for Everything


Across Italy, India and Indonesia


Elizabeth Gilbert


After bitter divorce, went on holiday to Italy


Italy to eat good food


India to learn about spirituality


Bali for balance and love


She was in a tremendous amount of pain but ended as


a balanced and loving human



  1. Tuesdays with Morrie: an old man, a young man and


Life’s Greatest Lesson


Mitch Abom


Interviews with Morrie Schwartz, former professor dying of


of Lou Gehrig’s disease


Ideas of accepting and giving love


Nurturing values



  1. The Four Agreements:  A Practical Guide to


Personal Freedom


Don Miguel Ruiz


Ancient Toltec wisdom


Be impeccable with your word


Do not take anything personally


Do not make assumptions


Always do your best


Added a 5th– be skeptical but learn to listen



  1. Siddhartha


Herman Hesse


Journey o young Nepalese man during the time of


Buddha, and his quest to find spiritual enlightenment.


Found spiritual fulfillment in a much simpler way that


the way proposed by all of the world’s wise men.




I have read most of the above books since the 1980’s when


I also went through a devastating divorce.  I was in my 40’s and


had no professional skills and was raised by controlling mother


and married a controlling man so I had no idea who I was as


a single parent, let alone who was I as a person.


There are many other books I have read that have added to my


Spirituality but all of them have been wonderful for ME in my Spiritual walk













Always be Proactive



There is nothing wrong with having fun, being with family and


Friends.  We have to be careful about how much we do





Especially if you believe you may have any addictions


There are many issues that can become addictions besides


Alcohol and drugs (illegal or legal).


There is:








Loosing weight











There is almost everything that can become addictions.



It is about a sense of self and the way you live your life.  You can


Determine importance not only by how much you are doing it, but


how much you are letting other things go that needs to be done.


also by how much you are not doing other things.







There is nothing wrong engaging in pleasurable activity but there


Is a line between activity and addiction when the activity that is?


positive or neutral takes a decidedly negative turn.


Different families have weakened genes and DNA that if


A person takes recreational pot that can be a door to more drugs:


Meth, cocaine, heron, a murid number of things.  Take myself,


My family has a lot of alcoholism and drug addictions so I treat


myself very gingerly about drinking and have never put drugs into


my body.  I know I have a very addictive personality, and whether


it is drinking or food I am addictive.



Is what you are doing is causing a disruption in your life then you


need to address the issue.



I am very careful how much I drink – 1-2 glasses of wine is


my limit and usually only 1 or 2 times a year I will have wine


at home by myself.


Any addiction is a behavior that controls you.  Usually people


that have addictions do not like to be controlled but cannot


understand how much they are being controlled by their




Change is the most important thing in YOUR life-and it is


sometimes the hardest thing to do but DO IT.


What Life expects from YOU does not happen unless you are


willing to make those big changes that need to be done.

We all have issues, we all probably have some kind of addictions


that maybe we are not alcoholic – there are so many other kinds


of addictions.


Address those issues or addictions – make the necessary




Be courageous, be strong, be brave.  Use all YOUR good


energies you can dig up out of SELF.


Any addiction is a behavior that control YOU


Your impulses,


Your Pleasures


Your anxieties


Your fears


Your preferences


These take center stage over YOUR better judgment or reasoned




If you believe you are struggling with an addiction that is


Negatively impacting the quality and health of your life, it may be


Time to seek assistance from a professional.

Addition typically masks an underlying problem that the person


Does not want acknowledge or deal with.  Aa you well know, it is


Really not helpful to tell the person “You have a problem in your


Thinking.”  Instead, much better to acknowledge the suffering and


Build a level of trust until the person is willing to discuss it, and if


Not then jut let it go.  Convincing people that they have a thinking


Defect is extremely damaging (if they actually believe it) and sets


Them up for abuse and exploitation.











You need to use this under utilized part of the spirit and mind.

Sometimes there are times in our life when we have difficult

situations and cannot see our way clear, the best procedure

Is to assume that infinite intelligence within your subconscious

Mind knows all and sees all, has the answer and will reveal it to

You now.  Your new mental attitude will help bring about a happy

Solution and enable you to find the answer.   Attitude of mind will

Bring order, peace, and meaning to all YOUR undertakings.

YOU are a creature of habit.



That if you have a habit it is your subconscious mind.  I would

Have known that if I had not read Dr, Murphy’s books 30 years


To expand SELF – YOU are going to have expand SELF.

To expand SELF, YOU are going to have to be here at

this website because it is the only website or only place that

wants YOU to find:


And to find out what life expects from you

YOU need to know SELF:  Mind, Body and Spirit Balanced

and keep developing and keep learning about SELF and keep

growing and expanding.

My spirit soars with forgiveness, peace and harmony and joy.

The habit of keeping your good habits on track and getting rid

of the negative habits.  It is hard to get rid of bad habits, and it

may take some considerable time to get rid of them.

Forgive yourself for whatever it is in your past.  Forgive others

for their transgression against YOU

Harmonize all of SELF – mind, body, and spirit.

But when you learn to harmonize the functions of the conscious

And sub-conscious mind the two will cooperate, and the idea or

Desire implanted in the subconscious mind is realized.







When your relaxing body is getting into a relaxed, drowsy, and

meditative state and fill your mind with the picture of the desired

end, knowing YOUR subconscious mind can bring YOUR

desires and wants into being.


Be regular, and practice and meditate in the way outlined above

and your subconscious will keep working for the rest of your


You can liken your conscious mind to a camera and that your

subconscious mind is the sensitive plate on which he registered

and impressed the picture.




YOU just need to meditate and focus and sit quietly have it

become a habit

Confidently expect to experience the picture YOU are developing

in YOUR mind.


Be there for YOU

Have an intense desire to overcome any block in your llife and

You will come to a clear-cut decision that there is a way out and

the course you wish to follow, and then victory and triumph

will be assured.




What do YOU suppose the difference is between YOU

being negative and around negative people OR

YOU being positive and around positive people.

The best way to approach YOUR life is to try to stay away

from negative people; whether they are family or friends stay

away from them and if you find yourself around those kind of

people please smile, be as positive as possible, and do not

fall into their pattern of behavior because they will want YOU to

agree and just nodding your head verifies their mind-set.

Be at YOUR best – be at your most positive mind-set.

Stay away from people who are possessed with just a small

Thought process.  Narrow thinking makes people zero in on

negativity – they are not self-aware because they are needy,

all about managing others to their way of thinking.  They have

no idea about the WHOLE person-mind, body and spirit.  At this

blog and in my life I want YOU to be the most:  Self-aware person

you know so that you can help others in a more positive and

productive way that they need from YOU.

Be kind, be helpful, be positive, be happy, be loving, be generous

and YOU will see YOUR whole life change in super wonderful


Learn and read from the wonderful books that are available to

you.  The only way I feel wonder at 74 years of age is because

my mind is open for learning from others that have gone before


What does YOUR



One of my favorite authors and researchers is Immanuel

Velikovsky – he wrote, and you should read his writings, because

It is about YOUR history that is now only beginning to be

Understood and coming to the forefront of the WORLD.  But,

Because of Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky and his research of decades

And his writing we are now learning of the real World History.

But he paid the price because they are people who do not want

us to be SELF-AWARE, or be OUR BEST, or be the MOST

POSITIVE, and to know that the past may be the key to YOUR


YOU will never know what LIFE EXPECTS FROM YOU until


Not other self’s but of YOURSELF.

Never settle – in your personal life, in your professional life, in

your family life, or in your friend’s life.

Professor Velikovsky gave up a wonderful life because he would

not settle, would not cave-in, would not give up on the truths that

he knew would change the world thinking of their history.

In 1950 he already knew from his research there.  There were

some approximately 40 predictions that he made that the

academic scholars-so-called but not really said different than

Professor Velikovsky.

Be a Professor Velikovsky – see your higher-self, see that

what life expects from YOU, never settle for people around YOU

that are negative, that are needy, that are negative vampires.





YOU will only learn when YOUR MIND, BODY and SPIRIT are

In balance and working on it daily for the rest of your life.





YOUR mind has walls that have been built up since you were

In womb and the nutrients, thoughts from your parents and your

environment.  Be open and mindful of what goes into YOUR

mind.  Put the powerful, encouraging and empowering thoughts

and words into YOU.  YOUR life will change for the better.


Thank the universe, God, the life you have been given, and

be thankful for the days you are here.


Think SELF first because the more you are mindful of SELF

the more you can do for family and friends.


Think big, think grand for SELF and be thankful and grateful.

Do not live with rose-colored glasses on so think for yourself

on subjects important to YOU.  There are always a PRO and

CON thought on every subject – take the subject important to

you and do the research on that subject so you are clear in

YOUR mind.


When my sister had been given 2 weeks to live she and I were

talking and she said she wished she would have done more

with her life because she knew she could have.  I told her “I

knew she could have also”.  The reason she did not do more

with her life is because:

She would have had to ponder about SELF

She would have had to learn about SELF

She would want to expand SELF

She would have had to step out of SELF

She would have had to work on SELF

She would have had to encourage SELF

She would have to empower SELF

She would have to learn new things for SELF

She would have had to read non-fiction for SELF


Because I knew my sister well – those are the things I

observed from childhood.

For myself, I work on all those items all the time.

Life is difficult, Life is not easy, Life can be wonderful,

Life is not stressful when SELF is in control of SELF


The following are some recommendations that may help SELF

  1. Turn off the TV
  2. Join a new group for different thoughts
  3. Never complain or whine
  4. Smile going into the store
  5. Do not talk about others
  6. Listen to YOUR inner self
  7. Take a new class at Kahn Academy-FREE
  8. Do not be jealous, be thankful for other’s success

I do not even like to blog about negatives – it puts too much

negative energy into the universe when we want it all to

be positive energy


If you have had trauma or tragedies – which most of us have

had those in some part of our lifetime.  The best way to help in

those times-those times may last years – but lithium orates will

help with that, good nutrition, and exercise also will help, along

with meditating and prayer.  Work every day working out of

the mind set from traumas and tragedies.  It is not easy and it

does not happen in 1 or 2 days.  But there is light at the end of

the tunnel when YOU are consistent with working on SELF.

Forgiveness is one of the best tools in YOUR toolbox.

Forgiveness of SELF and then everyone else.



Footprints on sandy tropical beach at sunrise



Are you nurturing the spiritual side of SELF?

Always be the best YOU can be – that will lift you to the next level

Of YOUR spiritual life.


However, you do that is ok for YOU but we will go through

some things that might lift you up to another level or break

down the walls of any boxes you have built up around YOUR

Spiritual side.


Trying smiling MORE

Try having good intentions,

Try being positive

Try thinking good thoughts

Items that may help you lift up YOUR spiritual SELF to the next


Healthier choices – in food, relationships, professional life

Favorable changes in relationships

Good financial behavior

Others notice YOUR changes

Increased mindfulness – easier to get things done

Improved level of well-being – improvement at work

Improved and less time-consuming recovery from

unpleasant events

Improved response to pleasant events – more productive

Not overly attached to things

More fully present and engaged – in the zone

More content with who you are and what you have

More empowered to be your authentic self

Empower SELF – Empower SELF – Empower SELF

Be grateful every day for everything –put any negatives

that may come up for the day.  Life can have dramatic and

tragedies and trauma.  They are coming to all of us – those

traumas and tragedies.

What is in YOUR tool box to deal with the traumas and

tragedies that come into all our lives.

Use all the tools in YOUR toolbox:




Quiet place

Dinner with family and friends


Start a project and finish the project as YOUR goal.

Plan to do YOUR bucket list

Write in your journal

YOUR life patterns that show how YOU deal with tragedies

And trauma in your life are characteristics that come from

YOUR own life’s patterns:

It is easy, as we go through life, to pick up negative habits

that when real life tragedies and traumas come our way


Nurture SELF during the difficult times in YOUR life.  Use

All of your tools in your toolbox.  Pamper SELF, meditate

And sit quietly and be thankful for YOU.

The only way YOU can nurture SELF is by SELF

But in YOUR lifetime there will be those times when

You need to step it up for YOUR benefit and not go

Into depression or have anxiety.

Nurturing SELF 95% of the time is what YOU need to do

so in the down times that come with trauma and tragedies

YOUR toolbox will be there for you, and will be YOUR best

friend and ally in YOUR life.


YOU are a super person who has a super mind that needs

to be nurtured while you are living in this beautiful life.






Sometimes be stronger than today

Sometimes have more courage than today

Sometimes be more grateful than today

Glow within and glow without –  smile with that glow

This is all about nurturing YOUR spirit


 It does help the Spirit every day
Woman in prayer
Spirit will help you put one foot in front of the other when YOU have a loss or grief.  YOUR Spirit will lift you up to move ahead with this loss or grief.  Sometimes, it may not be today or tomorrow but YOUR Spirit is there to help and lift you up to start the new day.
Grief can be from anything, and it takes SELF to get through it – everyone gets through grief on their own time schedule and it is not always easy.  But YOUR spirit is there to help you through it to the good side.