YOUR Spirituality and Christopher Hitchens dying as an atheist

This is from ME-and as much as I always enjoyed Christopher

Hitchens on his TRUTH – I was so sad that while he was dying he

wrote a book mon Mortality-really his mortality and how he faced

his dying while trying to finish out his life.  Not unlike “The Last

Lecture” or Gilda Radnor’s book on her own dying while trying to

finish up their lives.

Christopher Hitchens never shied away from telling the truth at

least the truth as he saw it- but he wrote with stoicism and lucid in

the face of imminent death.

Writing to the very end – and sharing his dying with his audience

and I as much as I appreciated Christopher and his writings I

have never understood how anyone could be an atheist.

Dying and not believing in anything beyond SELF just does not

register with me and looking at the Universe and all the written

history before from India, Samaria, Egypt. Plato, and the tribes of

Africa.  So, one has to wonder why he did not have any

connection to his energy field or his conscious connection to other

energies in the world.


Christopher talked in the book about aches and pains he was

enduring physically.  He did say he wished he could be dying for

somebody but it seems to me in his search and writing about truth

which was gone with intellect and beautifully done.  Yet, at the

end, he had no one to die for, no kindred spirit, no partner he

loved, no Higher Power he was going to meet going over the

bridge.  No purpose in his dying young and so painfully.  But,

dying in hospice care must have been some solace for a person

who had no loving and close relationships?  He argued that

atheism gave him a sense of urgency.

Read some of Christopher’s books very well written and an

intellect to be sure.

But, No one to die for?

Quietly sad, and no one to think about outside of a 3-foot energy

personal area?