YOUR Spiritual Plan is YOUR own


On a daily basis, it is easy for each of us to just take for granted our Spiritual journey –

but we each need to be reminded how Blessed we are to be here, healthy today, and

live a productive life full of many blessings.


Over the years I have read at least 100 spiritual books by many different authors who

have followed their own Spiritual Plan:


Victor Frankl


Dr. Joseph Murphy


Dr. Wayne Dwyer


Tony Robbins


Johnathan Livingstone Seagull


Deepak Chopra


Paulo Coelho


Dr. Norman Vincent Peale


Dale Carnegie


Dr. Stephen R. Covey



From the 1950’s to today’s authors I have read many so that I always felt I was

maturing in my own Spiritual Plan.


What has happened along the way is that family and friends have influenced my

journey and my own Spiritual Plan.


Today, at this time, in the Now, I do not let anyone or anything influence my Spiritual Plan and have not for many years.  I hope your Spiritual Plan is YOUR own because it brings, love, peace, joy, forgiveness and much strength to deal with life’s trauma.


I have a friend, for almost 30 years now but have not seen for many years, but he is 88 now and his Spiritual Plan is so strong now that he has lost 2 precious daughters to cancer and a young grandson to gun violence and has not lost his Spiritual Plan in all this trauma to SELF.  I try to emulate his Spiritual Plan but he has been at this longer than myself but he is to be admired and respected for his inner Spiritual strength.



Intention and being grateful are 2 parts to my Spiritual Plan.  Having read the

author’s listed above – intention and being grateful are 2 topics the author’s dwell on

over the years also.


Praying/meditating for other’s well-being is something I have always done but I know

my well-being will be taken care with my own knowledge of SELFhood so praying and

asking for things is not my Spiritual Plan.  God expects me to take care of SELF, God

expects me to be productive so I am grateful to my Higher Power for giving me these



Spiritual growth comes with the Journey we have.


Professor Randy Pausch said:

“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.”


I find that quotes help me in so many ways:


I must be willing to give up what I AM

To become what I will BE

Albert Einstein



In the end, it is not the years in your life that count.

It is the life in your years

Abraham Lincoln