Spiritual well-Being

Every day YOU have to be a Spiritual,

Mental, Emotional, and Physical well-being.  And it all has to be in

harmony and balanced.


YOU have to be mindful every day of that harmony and balance.

YOUR daily stress has to have harmony and be balanced.


Most ancient cultures pointed to a connection between body,

mind, and spirit and recognized that each composed a part of the

whole.  Now, integrative medicine and health psychology are

beginning to recognize that health is influenced not only by the

physical body but the spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies, too.


Your health is dependent on all four facets, as opposed to just

one of the four.  Building onto this concept your overall health is

also influenced by a trickle-down effect.  The physical body is

affected by our emotions, our thoughts direct how we feel, and

our energy level sways our mind and our thoughts.  Let us get

more specific on the details of each body and the practices

you can follow to main their health.


Practices for the Spiritual Body:


Practice meditation daily


Learn to work with energy, through practices such as ways to


keep the energy channels open


Study consciousness, religion, or philosophy


Attend a silent retreat to deepen your connection to Self




The Mental Body


Set goals


Get a coach or mentor to keep focused on your goals


Daily recapitulation


Continue your education


Eliminate stressors from your life


The Emotional Body




Practice forgiveness


Deepen your connection with others


Spend time cultivating gratitude for the gifts and opportunities you


have been given



Practice mental and emotional release techniques


The Physical Body


Move your body exercise


Prepare fresh, organic meals


Get plenty of sleep


Receive regular massages


Spend time in nature


Try all the above on a daily basis – I do not believe that everyone

can do things every day forever.  Give yourself a break and

forgive SELF is you miss a day once in awhile.  It is life.




Be nice


Be joyful


Be quiet


Be forgiving


Be kind


Be funny


Be smiling


Be energetic


Be thoughtful


Be mindful


Be supportive


Be encouraging


Be empowering


Be healthy


Be positive


Be courteous


Be embolden



All the above can help YOU stay in harmony and balanced.


Take care and enjoy every day