YOU and keeping leg muscle’s strong as YOU age

The following is from the about leg muscles as you age.

There has been found a link between strength of person’s legs

and how their brain ages.  The first study to show “striking

the protective relationship between leg muscle force and brain

performance in normal, healthy people  Simple lifestyle changes

can keep us physically and mentally healthy.  Exercises as simple

as more walking, standing, squats, and lunges can help

Can all be the key to keeping your mind young, a new study has



Scientists have discovered a link between the strength of a

person’s legs and the ability of their brain to resist the effects of


The research, tracking twins over a period of 10 years, is

thought to be the first to show such a striking protective

Relationship, between leg muscle force and brain performance in

a normal, healthy population


Lead researcher Dr. Claire Steves, lecturer in twin research at

KCL< said:  “Everyone wants to know how best to kee their brain

fit as they age.

Identical twins are a useful comparison, as they share many

factors, such as genetics and early life, which we cannot change in


It is compelling to see such differences in cognition and brain

structure in identical twins who had different leg power 10 years


Researchers discovered that leg power was a better predictor of

cognitive change than any other lifestyle factors tested

Generally, the twin who had more leg power at the start of the

study sustained their cognition better and had fewer brain

changes associated with aging measured after 10 years.

Dr. Doug Brown, director of research at Alzheimer’s Society said:

“this study adds to the growing evidence that physical activity

can help you to look after your brain as well as your body,

however, we still do not fully understand how this relationship

works and how we can maximize the benefit.

Do any kind of leg muscle exercise that works best for you:



Water jogging/walking



Any other you can think of.