YOU, YOUR Consciousness, and YOUR Spirituality

Over the years there have been different authors, researchers,

and just normal everyday people that have talked about the

powerful effects that meditation and mindfulness practices on the

brain and body, and a new collaborative study between

professors at Columbia University and the New York State

Psychiatric Institute is now taking these findings one step further.


Dr. Joseph Murphy has been a very favorite of mine over the

years with his studies and research on sub-consciousness.


Dr. Norman Vincent Peale has been another favorite for the belief

that Prayer can bring about positive things in a person’s life.


So of course, any research can be looked at and debated.

I believe that we all have more spiritual power than some think.  It is

a thousand-year-old study.  We are more than just this body.

The study found that found that the people who expressed that

spirituality or religion was important to them had significantly

thicker cerebral cortices-a part of the brain  in highly active

neutral networks responsible for sensory perception, language

and emotion processing – thank those who did not.

Our beliefs and our moods are reflected in our brain and with new

imaging techniques, we can begin to see this.  The brain is an

extraordinary organ. it not only controls but is controlled by our


The brain is an incredibly dynamic organ that responds to our

mental patterns and habits.

The study’s findings are in line with other similar research aimed

at demonstrating a correlation between a person’s predominant

state of mind, brain functioning and other physical reactions in the


A recent study by Kaliman in 2014 found that intensive meditation

positively affected gene expression.  The expression of genes that

are involved in inflammation, and more generally in the body’s

stress response was down-regulated, meaning that these

processes were reduced or muted, which positively affect a number

of markers for overall health and wellbeing.

It should be crystal clear that our state of mind is hugely important

in our overall health and wellbeing and that adopting time-

honored spiritual practices such as meditation and mindfulness,

and prayer are simple, yet highly effective ways to realize your

health benefits.