YOU and the wonderful book The Power of NOW by Eckhart Tolle


This little book has changed lives, has added to lives, and may

change lives in the future.


This book approaches self-improvement and self-development in

a simplistic way – “just do it” kind of perspective without all the

scientific jargon of how you are rewiring your brain.


The book is about educating people about self-awareness, which is

the cornerstone of growing emotional intelligence.  It is about

walking through some meditations and affirmations and

presenting the information in a way that is any easy way to

digest conversation.


Listen to the audio, read the book because it will keep you in the

moment where we are all okay but truly alive.


YOU realize everyone you know should read this book.  It can

make you happy and learn the secret to remaining blissful

happiness continually.


YOU can practice from this book and it will help in what ails you.

Apply the practices in this book, show it to your friends and family.

It requires more than 1 read because it contains so much

knowledge.  It makes you think deeply and opens your mind.  It

brings enlightenment and understanding and knowledge.  Every

time you read you will have more understanding and knowledge.


The Power of Now offers ancient knowledge of how to transcend

this limited state of suffering.  It can create space where there is

chaotic noise, it creates peace and stillness where there was

once frustration blindly thrashing about.  Listen to the words

read it over and over because each time you will learn more about



This is a very small book with such a big personal outcome.  You

can learn about relationships, you can learn to understand other.

You can stop the pain in your body.  It can remove lenses.  It can

breathe life.


This book will make you think deeply and opens your mind.

Mr. Tolle brings the reader along on a journey to release stress,

calm the mind, let go of past issues and/or living in the future

issues…all of this by living in the NOW, the present.


It is such a beautifully written book and one that does need to

read over and over again.  It has wonderful insights that are rich

with wisdom that will go on for ages.

It inspires, empowers and enlightens.