YOU and keeping YOUR arteries clean

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Your diet directly affects our health, including the health of your

circulatory system.   Over time, a diet high in fat and processed

foods elevates your cholesterol levels high Ldl cholesterol, the

bad cholesterol is one of the causes of atherosclerosis, a hard

plaque that builds up in your arteries, narrowing them and

impeding proper blood flow.  Atherosclerosis increases your risk

for developing heart disease and stroke the good news is that a

health-healthy diet helps clean plaque from your arteries,

improves blood flow and keeps your circulatory system working



Here is a list of foods to help keep arteries clean and healthy:

Whole grains





Lean meats

Low-fat and fat-free dairy




I also for 30 years have been flossing my teeth at least once a

day.  This helps keep the arteries clean also.

I also take:


Dr. Axe says this about L-arginine and how it works:

Fighting inflammation

Lowering risk for arteriosclerosis and health attack

Repair blood vessels

Fighting congestive heart failure and coronary artery disease

Helping lower high blood pressure

Improving athletic performance

Increasing immune function

Reducing muscle pains

Improving kidney function

Improving mental capacity

Fighting dementia

Preventing common cold

Improves heart health

Lowers inflammation and fights effects of aging

Boosts exercise performance

Improves immunity

Help treat erectile dysfunction and infertility

The following of best natural sources of L-arginine:

Cage-free eggs

Dairy products like cultured yogurt, kefir, raw cheeses

Grass fed beef

Liver and organ meats

Wild caught fish

Sesame seeds

Pumpkin seeds


Brazil nuts



Coconut meat gives a natural way to clean blood vessels

and clogged arteries


Four garlic bulbs and four lemons.  Ground both garlic and lemon

finely and put the mixture in the container.  Add 17 oz. warm water and

immediately close the container.  Open the container and

consume the mixture after three days.  Nutritionists recommend

consuming 3.5 oz. of this liquid three times a day


Remember those blood vessels when you are trying to age