YOU and keeping YOUR body free of disease as YOU age


There is not just one thing you can depend on to keep disease

away from SELF.  There is a lot you need to know and a lot you

need to learn.  I have been learning since the late 1980’s on how

to keep my body, blood, cells, and organs all happy and disease

free.  It has been a long journey because I love good fresh food, I

love carbs but do try to limit daily my intake of carbs, I love good,

fresh hamburgers, steaks but try to limit the beef thing because

too much is bad no matter what.


I eat a lot of fresh salmon, organic and the North Sea salmon.

YOU need to know your blood type and what foods are good for

that particular blood type.  I talk about that on my podcast “What

Does Life Expect from YOU?  It is the lectins in the foods that can

be blood group specific, being able to agglutinate the red cells of

one type but not those of another.  Dr. William Boyd of Boston

University School of Medicine discovered this.  And went on to

say that lime bean lectin would agglutinate reds cells of human

blood type A but not those of O or B.  So it has been researched

that this lectin from foods works better with one blood type and

not the other.  So, take heed about blood types and foods that

make your body happy and healthy.  It is necessary for your own

protection and happy and healthy aging.  Know your blood type.


Because of the environment of air, soil and anything else – I have

supplements that work well with my body.  Find out which

supplements work better with your body or that you are lacking

in your overall daily foods.  The soil is not as nutrient dense as it

used to be so a carrot today is not the carrot of 40 years ago.