YOU and living stress-free- no Fear and Worry

When I had children I wanted them to be “Free to be them”.  I wanted to give them guidelines for them to live by, principles and ethics and morals.  I wanted to be their anchor until they were of age and had to live their life on their own terms.  They are in middle age now, they have become wonderful and successful adults in their own rights.  And I am so glad that:

I did not want them to be an adult where they had to agree with their parents, had to stay within the lines all the time, or that they could not have a good debate with other.  

They have confidence in their own abilities, they do not worry about what other’s think of them, they do not live in fear and worry.

My parenting was to make them strong, confident, principled, moral, and know that God is Love and good.

I hope you to have no Fear and Worry either and today I will talk about Dr. Joseph Murphy’s book:


Fear and Worry

Listed below is a list of suggestions that synthesize his ideas of feelings of guilt.  And it is my belief that if you have done the items above as a parent you should not have guilt, but if you do please read Dr. Murphy’s list:


  1.  you are not born with a sense of guilt.  Guilt is a mental disease and is abnormal and unnatural.

2.  What you want must first be conceived in your thoughts and then programmed into your

subconscious mind.

3.  Conscience is your inner feeling.  It is not necessarily based on truth.  it is often the voice of ignorance, fear, superstition, and prejudices implanted in your mind by your parents or by others you look upon as authorities

4.  It is wrong to threaten children by saying, “God will punish you.”  God punishes no one

5.  Do not let your conscience be your guide.  Your true guide is God:  He is that Infinite Intelligence that will lead you to live a good “Godlike” life

6.  Different culture, religions, and ethnic groups have different concepts of “conscience.”

7.  What is “Godlike”  is not dictated by any one religion.  God knows nothing about creeds, dogma, or sectarian opinions.  God is above all.

8.  God and God alone should be your spiritual guide.

9.  Many people are misled and are full of guilt because they accept as the right that which is actually wrong.

10.  God wants you to be happy.  God’s law is the law of health, happiness, peace, order, beauty, good deeds,  and prosperity.


Be well, be fearless, be courageous, be strong