Each of us are Unique

Each of us approach life uniquely

Each of us have our own unique goals for our lives

Each of us have a unique spirituality for our life

One of my favorite and most unusual person whose life and spirituality was one of the

most prolific mathematicians of the 20th century.  Paul Erdos who was a Hungarian

mathematician.  there is so much to write about Mr. Erdos that I will try to contain

myself with just a touch of how much the book “Mr Brain is Open”

by Bruce Schechter – the mathematical journeys of Paul Erdos.


Mr. Erdos – possessions meant little too Erdos, most of his belongings would fit in a

suitcase, as dictated by his iterate lifestyle.e. Awards and other earnings were

generally donated to people in need and various worth causes.  he spent most of his

life traveling between scientific conferences, university and stipends from universities

as a guest lecturer, and from various mathematical awards to fund his travels and

basic needs;  money left over he used to fund cash prizes for proofs of “Erdos

problems”. he would typically show up any a colleague’s doorstep and announce “my

brain is open”, staying long enough to collaborate on a few papers before moving on a

few days later.

His parents were both Jewish mathematics teachers and he never married.  at the age

of 21 he was awarded a doctorate in mathematics from the University of Budapest.


This man’s spirituality was caught up in the times-his father and all his family but his

mother died in the holocaust.  he was living in America dn working at the Princeton

Institute for Advanced Study at that time.


He was fine with his spirituality – whatever that was for him:

owned nothing

had no family

The Man who loved only Numbers

N is for Number;  A Portrait of Paul Erdos

Read about Mr Erdos-he was content with who he was and he had joy in what he did from mathematics