YOU and YOUR Spiritual Life as YOU age

Throughout YOUR lifetime there has been ups and downs,

trauma, crisis, and grief.  We, YOU and I, probably have not

always been as spiritual as we should be throughout those times.

That would be normal and ok because it is called LIFE.  But,

when those ups and downs happen it brings about some blocks in

our spiritual life and here are some ways to overcome that period

that comes in all our lives, of course, if you are the exception and

never had any of those ups and downs that are great for YOU, but I

actually, do not believe life would ever be that smooth.


  1. Do not stop believing.  That this to shall pass and that you

will always remember the good memories and not the bad

memories.  That YOU forgive YOURSELF, then Forgive

everyone else.  YOU do not have to be around others with

negative energy or people who you do not like but forgive

everyone.  It helps you move on towards your dreams and

makes your life work better.


  1. Fix your financial problems.  Live below your means, shop

less, do not buy STUFF.  Read a good book from the library

or read a self-improvement book and find out “What Does

Life Expect from YOU?


  1. Do not quit before the finish line.  Keep moving forward,

keep being productive.  Have a plan so when you retire you

are still productive – not just playing golf, going to the gym,

going to lunch with friends, or watching TV.  Those things

are nice once in awhile but that is not being productive.


  1. Work through internal blocks and limiting beliefs.  Energy-

sucking thought vampires come in all shapes and sizes.

Ask yourself questions every day make a plan for every day.

Make that plan work for you.


  1. Listen to your gut! That in intuitive – we all have our own

internal guidance system built in.  become still, you can hear

the gentle guidance of our heart and soul.


  1. Be adaptable. Change is the only thing constant in life.  The

the only thing in YOUR control is YOU – everything else is out of

your control.  Remember:  YOU cannot control the cards

YOU are dealt but YOU can control the way YOU play the



  1. Be in alignment.  When you listen to the calling of your heart

and soul and what you do is alignment with your truth,

amazing things start to happen naturally.


Always meditate, always exercise, always read a good non-fiction

book and always keep learning, always keep working at something.