YOU and saving YOUR electronic equipment from EMP disaster

of any kind

We all have all kinds of electronic equipment – and we all have

different needs so there is lots of it out there and in our homes

and office.

Our electrical grid could go down due to any number of situations

– just a giant electrical storm, and a number of other things – like

a solar blast from the sun, some country putting a bomb charge up

in the atmosphere to bring down the grid.


There is a difference in the way we store our data.  Some are

expensive and some that are not nearly as good as the expensive

that most of us can afford. ‘

If you have data stored on magnetic storage media it will be a loss

from electromagnetic phenomena-any kind of electromagnetic

phenomena.  This includes hard drives, RAID storage arrays,

thumb drives and even SD cards.

Even worse, most of what modern society has come to rely on

everything from retail transactions, bank records, and business

accounting records – is stored on magnetic media which may be

quite literally wiped out in an instant.

Optical storage does not rely on magnetic media.  Instead, it

relies on the burning of tiny pits into plastic media, sporting a

50+year shelf life with virtually no data degradation.  Better yet, it

does not lose data from that big old solar flare that may come at

any time, EMP burst or a nuclear weapon detonation

All this is from Mike at Natural News. And he will talk about

something that you can purchase economically called M-Disc

optical media for about $20 each, which permanently store

100GB –write once.  Combine that with a Blu-Ray write drive-

about 99.00 and you can save your data for 1,000 years by

spanning many M-Disc.  This is the best solution for consumers

and small businesses.

Mike has a Sony Optical Discs Archive hardware.  And it is very

expensive – I wanted what Mike has but not willing to pay the

thousands of dollars to do that.

I am always “a just in case person” so will get the M-Disc and Blu-

Ray and happy that I am doing something in preparing.  Just in