YOU and Building YOUR Brain Power as YOU age


Today, we will go over some of the ways to keep building your

brain power as we age.


“Fluid intelligence” refers to the brain’s ability to focus and project

patterns in a useful way and t implies some degree of change in

the hard wiring of the brain.


We each have to search out and find out as we age how to

continually keep our brain healthy and happy.  There are certain

things we need to do and certain applications.  One brain training

site is Lumosity.  Use all your tools to keep the brain/mind active

as YOU age


The following is from written by Michael Merzenich,


How to make your brain smarter every day

Most older brains, by the way, are neglected.  Thy is, therefore,

slower and less accurate, and do a poorer job recording useful

information and controlling their owner’s actions.  The common

belief not so many years ago, was that we older fold was just

stuck with these declining faculties.  Again, we now know this is

simply not true.  Your brain can be better, stronger, smarter and

safer, starting now.


The areas of the brain that control learning and memory require

regular exercise.


Dr, Merzenich spends time doing some of the following:


Flower garden,

Vegetable garden,





Potter’s wheel


Making wine,






Spaghetti sauce


Jigsaw puzzles

He and his wife know that every brain needs a regular dose of

social exercise.


Pick one or two of the above that the Dr. does – not all of us have

the funds or even want to do everything on the list.


Learn something new today


Go to the library – read a good non-fiction book.


Dr. Mercola has some good ideas for a smarter brain:


Animal-based omegao-3 fats

Fish, liver, bran


Coconut Oil

Vitamin D

Optimize your gut flora (called “second brain)

Good probiotic

Vitamin B12

Listen to music

Challenge your mind


I try to do all the above so I can stay sharp and smart as I age

Keep up the good work on keeping your mind/brain smart