YOU and keeping YOU Motivated while you age

Here are some things that will help you do that.  I am a great proponent of:





Self-help in all areas.

I am not a believer in someone else telling me what I need to do to make me:


Have Joy

Find peace



Be assertive

Be quiet


Be noisy

Live my life

Here are some ideas that may help me and YOU on your journey:

Find your spark

Spark your emotions

Keep the spark alive

Be your own motivational coach

And then most of us would like to be a little bit smarter.

Hazelnuts:  rich in flavorings, protecting your brain cells from inflammation that can lead to mental degeneration

Rye bread – who knew-but rye bread is one bread I have always found beneficial for me.  Feeding your brain, a balanced amount of floccose will keep your concentration high.  Releases energy slowly, dodging the surge and crash you get from a white loaf.


I have beetroot and I put it in my probiotic with little stevia


Celery-use it for blood pressure over the years.

Carrots – beta-carotene-brain boosting antioxidant that helps combat cognitive decline.

The following is a list from

They always seem to have some good ideas

  1. Probiotics-which is a must
  2. ice baths- who knew
  3. love – great
  4. meditation – works for me
  5. positive thoughts- always
  6. de-stressing – a must
  7. my time – I am for this one especially
  8. walking
  9. yoga
  10. savanna
  11. strength training
  12. turmeric – have taken this for last 15 years
  13. leafy greens – great in juicing
  14. cayenne pepper – put this on scrambled eggs
  15. avoid inflammatory foods
  16. vitamin D –  very good for all parts of YOU
  17. massage – oh yeah
  18. goal setting
  19. cuddle
  20. longer hugging
  21. nature
  22. read
  23. take time off stress
  24.  facial exercises
  25. mindful eating
  26. mindful breathing
  27. cardio
  28. good fat
  29. have a hobby
  30. avoid alcohol
  31. cryotherapy
  32. nuts
  33. green tea
  34. pomegranates
  35. coffee
  36. vitamin c
  37. mind puzzles
  38. avoid sugar
  39. sleep
  40. bedtime routine
  41. maintain good posture
  42. confidence
  43. social life
  44. give
  45. avoid smoking
  46. too much sun exposure

there are probably 1,000 other things that could help you age healthy

Staying healthy is easier than getting healthy.