Do you know if food is becoming weaponized?  Or is it already weaponized with all the man-made ingredients, all the synthetics, all the fillers?


It should not come as a surprise to you that anything in a bag, box, canned, or processed is not good for you or your children.  The research that they do on food and making it taste good, making it so you do not just eat “one” is massive.  Know that that crunchy, salty, chip hitting your taste buds have been through lots of tests in a lot of test kitchens so that they know when that chip hits your mouth – it is affecting your BRAIN and one is never enough.


Put that chip down.  It is easy to say when I do not have any in my house.  But, truth be told I do have dreams of chips and will buy bags once in awhile.  I do counter all this bad food with my juicing, my detoxing, my good supplements, my farmer’s market food and anything to counter the bad that I eat.  I am not getting out of this world eating just organic and natural foods.  Give me a break.

We have to keep trying to make our cells happy and our organs in top notch as we age and wanting to die healthy.

Just keep trying.  Be courageous, be loving, be kind to yourself.