Focusing on a Moment of Joy


YOU and how the sun affects your mind

Sunlight has a profound impact on your mental health.  Out of 19

environmental factors, the only one correlating to higher levels of

distress was the amount of time between sunrise and sunset.


An estimated 20 percent of American are affected by seasonal

affective disorder(SAD) each winter.  What differentiates SAD from

regular depression is that full remission occurs in the spring and

summer months.


The complex stimulus of sunlight can affect your mood and

mental health through a number of mechanism, including affecting

your Vitamin D, serotonin, endorphins, nitric oxide levels and

mitochondrial energy. According to a paper published in the

Journal Dermato-Endocrinology, a large number of molecules

found in the different layers of your skin absorb and interact with

ultraviolet rays producing a number of complex and synergistic


Sunlight also regulates your circadian rhythm, a light therapy has

been shown to be effective against depression, both SAD and

non-seasonal major depression.


Vitamin plays an important role in mental health, so if fall and

winter months leave you feeling blue, you would be wise to add

vitamin D to your supplement protocol.


Regular exercising has been found to work better than

antidepressant drugs.  In fact, it is one of the most powerful

strategies available to prevent and treat depression and boost

your mood.  Exercise works by helping to normalize your insulin

levels while simultaneously boosting “feel god” hormones in your

brain.  Researchers have also discovered that exercise allows

your body to eliminate kynurenine, a harmful protein associated

with depression

Avoiding processed foods Foods have an immense impact on

your mood and ability to cope, and eating a diet of fresh, whole

foods will best support your mental health


Gut health also influences your mental health – take a good

probiotic and eat fresh and organic foods as much as possible.

Omega -3 fats. -cod-liver oil and also B12 will help

Your mental health is body health and spiritual health all interact

with each other and have to keep all balanced

Stay strong and be courageous and brave