YOU and YOUR Spiritual Happy


Here is a great positive quote by Gordon B Hunckley

“Those who move forward with a Happy Spirit will find that things will always work out.”


Expect the Best

Find Your center

Let go of the past


Focus on what is important

Recognize what is not YOUR stuff and what is


Here are some ways to be Happy Spiritually

Life has a purpose

Inner happiness cannot be taken away

Fill your time with activities that make your heart grow

You a find a place of peace that stress cannot wear out

Wellness will make your body happy


Here are some more inspirations to make Happy Spirits

Design your life to bring JOY

What is YOUR “Golden Self”?

Avoid “if only” fantasies

Allow YOURself to be happy

St. Francis de Sales said: “where there is peace and meditation,

there is neither anxiety nor doubt.”

Meditation is a safe and easy way to move towards a path of

connection, healing, and inner peace.  It is a way to connect to

your own higher wisdom, intuition, and guidance.


Calm is a super power


YOUR body can become sick and unhealthy is YOUR spirit is not

healthy and happy.  That is why mind, body, and spirit are woven

together – that when one is sad and/or has had trauma the other

ones are affected.  They are ONE – they are YOU – the 3.

Here is a wonder inspirational quote:

My to-do list for today:

-count my blessings

-practice kindness

-let go of what I can’t control

-listen to my heart

-be productive yet calm

-just breathe


Keep up the Happy Spirit every day you can because trauma and

sadness does come along once in awhile and throws us back on

our heels.


Stay strong

Stay courteous

Stay positive

Stay grateful

Stay healthy



Today will never come again.  Be a blessing.  Be a friend,

Encourage someone.  Take time to care.  Let your words heal,

and not wound.


Here is:

Advice from a tree

Stand tall and proud

Go out on a limb

Remember your roots

Drink plenty of water

Be content with your natural beauty

Enjoy the view


You will never have these 24 hours again.

Sadness and trauma hits us all during different times of our


Each of us has to get through those times the best way we

Can.  Smile sometimes when going through those times.  Laugh

sometimes when you are going through those times.  Remember

the wonderful moments in life you have had and remember you

will have wonderful moments ahead and in all your tomorrows.