Our spirit seems to be pretty fragile at different times in our life.  It may be

when we are going through grief, loss of a loved one, a divorce, many

reasons that our Spirit can not be what we would like.


Our spirit holds each of us together – because our spirit is so connected to

our bodies and mental state it should be at a high level at all times.  But, if

your spirit is like mine it is not.


Being productive, staying positive, being kind and compassionate of others,

having joy, being thankful and grateful everyday is what makes our lives

meaningful like Dr. Viktor Frankl has said many years ago.  That is his

theory on life, there are many other theories to follow – Freud and being

sexually happy, Adler – control and power thing.

Each of us has to decide how to spiritually be during our adult years.

Caring for our self and others and doing unto others as you want them to

do unto you.

It is simple

it is easy

It has a conscious

it is forgiving

it is loving

it is joy

it is happy

it is the thought we each think