I read the Celestine Prophecy in the 1990s – and I came to believe, even though it was a fiction it had so much spirituality in it that touched me and when the energy between the two people I realized at that moment we were all one because we are all energy and all connected.  I read and re-read the book over the years-loaned it to people, got a new one and loaned it to other people.  But today, we will talk about the nine insights of the book.  Of course, they will not touch everyone like it did me and maybe the book touched everyone who read it in a different way.  But, here we go on the 9 insights:


  1.  Meaningful coincidences.  increased number of meaningful coincidences people are noticing in their lives.

2.  Historical Perspective.  answers we want are now appearing–not necessarily from institutional science, but from a variety of sources


3.  Subtle energy.  there is an energy that forms the basis of all things.


4.  Competition for energy.  protecting ourselves from others’ attempts to draw energy from us.  Energy vampires?  I know a few.


5.  Energy abundance.  Being in a loving state not only connects our energy to the object of our love, but to a greater source of energy as well.


6.  Getting clear.  In order to be in a state of love with the world on a regular basis, we have to let go of patterns of behavior we developed to take energy from others.


7.  Using intuition.  when we are in touch with the energy, clear of our control dramas and aware of questions relevant to this moment, our intuition supplies the answers we need.


8.  Relating to others: I live the main one for me is that everyone who crosses our path has a message for us.  We should give them energy and help them get clear so that they can accurately deliver the message.


9,  Conscious evolution.  This is almost too much for me.

But, it is:  the goal of this evolution is to achieve a level of vibration that makes us invisible to others, perhaps even immaterial.  Jesus was the first to do this, and sporadic individuals continue to do so.  The ultimate goal is for large groups to “cross over” together in a “general Rapture”.

It was amazing what this fiction book spoke to me about on different levels.  I am just grateful I found it back when and how it has added to my life.