YOU and 8 carcinogenic food additives banned nearly

everywhere in the WORLD BUT

United State of America

Today we are taking information from Mike the Super Guy as I

call him.  Really he is Mike Adams and he wants to see that you

stay healthy.  And that is my goal for you also.  So, That you die

of old age and not of disease.  So that you can volunteer at

Hospice but not die in the Hospice program.

The following are banned additives:

  1. Flame-retardant chemicals in drinks.

What?  You say

Brominated vegetable oil (BVO) is a synthetic chemical that can

be found in numerous popular drinks in the USA, including

sodas and sports drinks.  Bio-accumulates in fatty human tissue

and even in breast milk, and can also cause iodine deficiency

and nerve disorders.

  1. Meat tainted with dangerous drugs like ractopamine and other synthetic hormones

One-thirds of U.S. cows, pigs, turkeys and chickens are jacked up

with the well-known asthma drug called ractopamine to plum them

up right before their heads are chopped off.

  1. Gelatin:  reduced animal parts you would never eat, if you only knew

Gelatin is made from body parts of infected and drugged

animals that are not used for fast food, boiled down loaded with

sugar and food coloring.  Avoid marshmallows, get capsule

vitamins, fruit snacks, Jell-O, gummy worms, gummy bears,

gummy cola candy and often sour cream and cake frosting

  1. artificial food dyes

In America, nearly every food item that has colorful is made with

toxic industrial dyes.

  1. Azodicarbonamide(ADA)

Can hardly pronounce that but this yoga mat chemical is often

found in commercially baked bread.

  1. Arsenic

Long term arsenic consumption triggers cancer and heart

disease.  It can be used n livestock feed, poultry and maybe your

tap water

  1. Olestra flavor enhancer

One of time’s 50 worst inventions ever includes FDA approved

Olestra-a fat-free and calorie-free chemical used to bring out

flavoring in fries, chaps, frozen yogurt and all kinds of diet foods.

Causes gastrointestinal disease in children, and has been found to

actually increase appetite.

  1. Potassium bromate (bromated flour)

A human carcinogen.  Check those hamburger and hotdog buns

for this poison.

Take care and read the labels – labels say it all-if you cannot

pronounce the words and if is know not to be organic – do not buy

– it will eventually make you sick.  Maybe, not today, maybe not

tomorrow-but what about in 10-20 years from now and the

accumulation of all this synthetic and processed and man-made

food?  That is when YOUR disease will show up.