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YOUR immune system functions optimally when your body has

an adequate supply of electrons, which are easily and naturally

obtained by barefoot contact with the earth.


Research indicates that electrons from the earth have


effects that can protect your body from inflammation and its


well-documented health consequences.  For most of our

evolutionary history humans have had continuous contact with

the earth.


It is only recently that substances such as asphalt, wood, rugs,

and plastics have separated us from this contact.


The earth maintains a negative electrical potential on its


When you are in direct contact with the ground-walking,

sitting, or

laying down on the earth’s surface that the earth’s electrons are

conducted to our body bringing it to the same electrical


as the earth.  Living in direct contact with the earth grounds


body, inducing favorable physiological and electrophysiological

changes that promote optimum health.


Earthing is highly beneficial to our health and minimizes the

consequences of exposure to potentially disruptive fields like

“electromagnetic pollution or dirty electricity.


I have done earthing over the years – and not as consistently as


would have like to or should have.  But I have known it has


beneficial to us for years.  When I go and sit in the grass or just

stand in the grass or ground I can feel the energy flowing up


through my body.


Some of the research has been finding that some of the benefits


Decreasing inflammation and chronic pain by defusing excess

positive electrons


Improving sleep by normalizing biological rhythms, including

circadian rhythm


Increasing energy through improved blood flow and blood



Lowering stress and increasing a sense of calm by reducing

stress hormones


Improving menstrual and female hormone systems


Accelerates the healing or wounds and shortens recovery time

from injury or athletic activity


Relieving muscle tension and headache


Protecting the body from EMF’s and re-directing damaging

electromagnetic energy


Support adrenal health


At the time there are a dozen or so completed studies on

grounding that has proven beyond any doubt that becoming

grounded has significant positive effects on our physiology and

heart health.

Really has lots of information on lowering stress and creates

calmness so take heed and go out and stand/or sit in the grass.


is okay – you will be able to, like me, feel the energy moving

within your body.


YOU should go barefoot and try for 40 minutes a day.  They say

concrete is conducive but I like grass, dirt or sand.   They say

concrete floor ==like basement floor is ok.  Barefoot for sure.


Grounding also positively affects your nervous system and has

been researched that may lead to a reduction in some of your



My goal since the 1980s has been not to take any medication –


to do that I have had to learn about SELF and what SELF

requires to stay healthy.









What YOUR goal should be, once You’re in control of YOUR life,

will be to learn and develop until the last day.  Below will be laid

out some ideas to do that; learn and develop spiritually, mentally,

and physically into the answer of:


What Does Life Expect from YOU?


YOU will have the answers and you will be on a mission every day

to accomplish what like does expect from you.


YOUR powerful higher self’s energy:


  1. Acceptance


A true connection with your spiritual energy cannot be forced.  Your highest self is wise and uses the time to guide you, Embrace time as a friend designed to protect you from doing too much too fast or from straying too far off course before it is too late.


  1. Meditate – Daily


Meditation helps to equip you with the innate ability to master a wider range of energy fields.  It makes your mind and energy stronger and prevents you from getting sucked into other people’s negative energy – do not let anyone, family or friends daring you with any of their stuff.  Do not take on other’s stuff.  Learn to let go and let God.  It is their stuff to take care of and not your stuff.


  1. Practice Yoga


Yoga helps to discipline your mind, and it trains your nervous system so it is easier for you to process spiritual energy.  Twice a week is fine.


  1. Laughing and Crying


Laughter and crying are two of the greatest gifts given to us.  Both enable us to heal, purify and release block that would have otherwise lowered our vibration.  This, in turn, makes it much easier for us to tap into a higher level of spiritual energy.


  1. Consciously practice Self-Love


With every loving and nurturing thought you give yourself, the closer you are to the truth, as the endless stories, patterns and traps of your mind are never real.


Stop feeding into self-talk that is negative.


Never doubt how truly awesome you are.  You deserve love and

lots of it – from yourself.  The more self-love the closer you are

into tapping into the amazing energy that your higher self-holds

Your high self is YOU, you in the ether, the real you, you are total

soul consciousness.


You living here on Earth is just a projection of the consciousness

of your higher self.  YOUR higher self is the more complete YOU

– the one that


YOUR higher self-has access to your thoughts, goals, intentions,

everything you are thinking and feeling and wondering.  There is a

conduit that goes directly between you here on earth and YOUR

higher self in the ether.


Everything we are is not stored in our MIND, BODY & SPIRIT that

is within our physical body but it is outside of us.  Like we have

talked about energy field outside of our bodies


But, that we keep our MIND, BODY & SPIRIT in tip top shape is

so we get to that higher self and move ever higher.







I have several books and have researched over the years

Intuitive and mediums.  This Blog is going to talk about

Life after Life and from several researcher’s views and then my

own thoughts.

First, my thoughts come mostly from the Fibonacci theory – and

the research that, to me, that is GOD, and the afterlife, and that

we, being energy, never die.  And, of course, with that said, everyone  has their own theory


So, I will share some about several of these researchers:

Albert Taylor, Ph.D.

Raymond Moody, Jr., M.D.

Suzanne Giesemann, Navy Commander/metaphysical teacher

Gary Schwartz, Ph.D.


The above people, in their own field, and coming from all

different perspectives all believe there is more to us than just us

and this solid, physical person within our skin.


I am not sure why there are people who are atheists – but there

are.  Could never understand especially some of them:

Sigmund Freud – who did so much research on dreams and was

so highly educated.  He was a wonderful father to his children,

and one of his daughters died of cancer in a seemingly long

death and yet never with all the education never tried to see, even

though he loved her immensely, beyond her life.


Suzanne lost her step-daughter, Susan, a sergeant in the Marine

Corps who was struck and killed by lightning along with her


son, killed by lightning which was almost 10 miles away.  It

transformed her life into the unseen world.  She and her husband

both believe Suzanne is able to discern in her communication

across the veil.


Speaking of the veil, it is all around us.  Some people seem to be

able to reach beyond the veil.  There are pilots, and regular

people, who have seen objects in the sky just disappear – there

seems to be a veil.

This must be where time and space merge – and what the theory

is about – with the 11 dimensions they now have figured

into being.

We have to listen to people’s stories.  And below I will tell the

story of Dr. Moody while he was in the hospital.

Dr. Moody was ill and near death with heart problems and his

sister was near death in another part of the hospital.  Dr. Moody

left his body and suddenly found himself in conversation with

his sister who was up towards the ceiling with him.  He and his

sister were very close and they were caring on a conversation

when she started to move away.  He wanted to go with her, but

she said: “You cannot go with me because it is not your time.”

She receded into a tunnel and disappeared.  Dr. Moody awoke

And told his doctor that his sister had died.  The doctor did not

believe him until he checked on it.


I think we accept that we are energy and that our soul or

consciousness survives our physical death we need to believe

that there is something beyond – it is just different.


But, everyone who comes back or has had an experience has

talked of LOVE and Loving



To me, those 2 words are the most important 2






Have you ever heard of the Tavistock Institute?

Probably not

But, today YOU will learn about the institute from this website

And how it affects YOU – and YOUR family and friends.

I first heard of the institute from Dr. John Coleman’s Book

“Committee of 300” – tried to pass it around so more people

would learn about many things in the world that are old world

history.  But Daniel Estulin has written a whole book about

the whole institute and how it affects everyone’s in the world’s








“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized

habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in

democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen

mechanism of society constitutes an invisible government which is

the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our

minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested,

largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of

the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast

numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they

are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost

every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or

business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are

dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who

understand the mental processes and social patterns of the

masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public



– Edward Bernays


YOU are being social engineered – we all are – only we do not

know it – but, now YOU know it and just trying to keep in mind

that there may be damage coming towards YOUR mind, body

and spirit so it would be out of balance and you have to be

aware daily and aware that there are lots of things to be aware of

while you are trying to keep YOUR mind, body, and spirit



It has been alleged that the Tavistock Institute actually ran at least

one, if not many online forums in order for it to suppress an

control where information went.  And anytime it went anywhere

near them, those topics were swept under the rug promptly, which

only made research to keep going forward to find out what is

going on from the institute.


There are many things that YOU need to be careful about – social

engineering the masses is one of them.  Brainwashing begins

when young – it comes from tv, from education, any addictions,

from religion, from family and friends.


We will talk more about social engineering later on down the road.

But you do need to be aware of that it is being done.  YOU need

tools to not be taken in by these topics





YOU are YOUR childhood – mind, body, and spirit.  YOU have

gone through the development stages of maturing into who you

are today – going from dependent upon your childhood

parents/mentor/guardians that make decisions for YOU to being

independent and making your own decisions about YOUR


Body, Mind, and Spirit


Most likely what you did in your childhood is what you usually do

in adulthood or you search for your own spirituality in your own

time and look for your spirituality outside what you had in your



You and I, as young children learned through their direct

experience and through observation of other’s behavior, and not

by way of abstract discussion.   Children learn particular practices

by participating in them.


Besides immersing children in the ongoing practice of cultural and

religious traditions, parents can also foster children’s appreciation

of their heritage through games and crafts on their family and

cultural history, these are important for spiritual growth as we

develop and mature and age.


Cultural practices including music, language, food and dress are

important to each of us for all the time we are here.  But, exposing

children to other cultures at an early age help develop them

tolerance and appreciation of cultural differences and diversity;

skills they will need to navigate the complex and culturally

interdependent modern world – our next door neighbor and



A child’s spiritual life should be age appropriate.  Overall

development of every child is unique.  Before age 10 or so, the

spiritual parenting will have the most lasting effect if it builds a

foundation in the SELF rather than focusing on principles.


Every young child should feel that:


They are loved and lovable


Meditation can add to a sense of a child’s self-worth and even

power because it is an activity that belongs just to them.


The childhood brain is a factor here.   It has been shown that

introducing mediation leads to behavioral improvements in older

ages – middle school and later.


Meditating is a wonderful thing for us adults but also with a child

it gives them a feeling of control and power.


Given the opportunity foo meditate a child or adult is able to

notice actual changes in themselves.  They are calmer, more

centered, less troubled, less tempted to act out.


They are worthwhile in their parents; eyes

Being a good person comes from within

Happiness and fulfillment are natural


The child/adult learns how to be fulfilled and successful life, the

best route is through the spiritual life.  We learn the value of our inner

The world, and as the years pass this value increases until the

realization dawns that all of the existence originates “in here” at the

level of the soul.


What a wonderful outcome you and I are – to find “in here” at the

level of our soul.


We are our childhood – hoping to reach the level we aspire to and


Find out:

What Does Life Expect from Us?





YOUR lymphatic system touches almost every part of the body.  It

is a network of fluid-filled nodes, vessels, gland, and organs.

Although e do not feel or see it, it is one of the most important

systems of the human body.  It is important to give the lymph

system attention over the years and as YOU age.


The lymphatic system’s main function is to cleanse toxins and

protect against harmful invaders.  It works by carrying waste away

from the tissues and into the bloodstream.  It tackles toxins that

are introduced to the body from both external meas0food, air,

personal care products, water as well as internal ones-damaged

proteins and cellular/metabolic waste.  It is a key detoxification



Through lymph nodes and the lymphatic network, your immune

cells can travel around fighting pathogens, such as bacteria and

mold, and prevent disease and infection.


You have to keep your lymphatic system functioning properly for

your overall health of YOUR body.


The stronger the lymphatic systems mean a more resilient and

reactive immune response and defense


YOUR lymphatic system can become stagnant and especially

with toxic debris.


I have used a REBOUNDER for about 15 years now – and it is


Rated as not only the number 1 piece of exercise equipment but

It keeps your lymphatic network clean – if done regularly

Rebounding and keeping your lymphatic network clean helps

keep your youthful skin and body cellulite-free


So listed below are 10 natural ways to keep your lymphatic

network clean and clear so it can flow and do its work.



One of the easiest ways to pump the lymph network.  And it also improves muscle tone and just over-all body good




Pad table that allows one to invert upside down while strapped in by the feet.  Decompresses the joints of the body and stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory system.



How easy is that just plain lemon water?  Use distilled or filtered water.  Every day drink half your weight in water – add the lemon so your will be alkalizing your body and getting the water at the same time.



Enzymes are also used utilize by the body to clear toxic waste buildup in the lymph and blood, making their supplementation a key way to improve lymphatic health.



How wonderful does a good massage feel?  I have had lymphatic massage over the years and is a special form of massage that specifically targets the flow of lymph network.



Red clover is a good herb for lymph, increasing flow, which helps to detoxify the body and reduce inflammation.  I make tea from red clover that I buy at a good grocery store.



Take a dry brush with coarse bristle and brush the skin towards the heart.  This stimulates the sweat glands, opens pores, and gets rid of dead skin cells.  Encourages movement of lymph and blood in underlying organs and tissues of the body.



I always eat raw vegetables.  And I juice a lot-chard and turmeric work well for my body.  Put as many fresh vegetables into your body as possible.



Get rid of the bras with wires – clogs up the lymphatic systems under arms.



Yoga works in multiples way for the body.  There are various forms of Yoga – try the one that fits YOU best but does Yoga for all of it’s benefits





YOUR thoughts


YOUR actions


Watch your words


Watch your expectations


Do not let anything or anyone provoke YOUR thoughts


Do not be manipulated – they frame people and events as


Good or bad, smart or stupid, brave or cowardly.  It is important to be aware of efforts to

be aware of efforts to embed black-and-white judgment into our behavior because most activities and events in life are too complex to be reduced to the level of an “either-or” judgment.

behavior because most activities and events in life are too complex to be reduced to the level of an “either-or” judgment.

to be reduced to the level of an “either-or” judgment.


You have to STOP being influenced by anything, anyone, or anyplace.  Make it a point to not let anyone, thing, or place because then you will not:

anyplace.  Make it a point to not let anyone, thing, or place because then you will not:

because then you will not:


What Does Life Expect from You?


So you will have a meaningful life, so that you will have purpose,

so that you will have joy, so that you will age healthily.


Shoulda, woulda, coulda – is what you want to limit to minimal at

all costs.


Limit regrets by making good decisions for SELFhood and setting

aside everyone,


Check your sticking thinking –


Change your thought patterns are changed to make sure they


Are positive which will make you brave and courageous to find


Your Purpose in Life –


No negative:


No jealous


Forgive everyone and everything.


Let it go


Think good thoughts about EVERYONE


Never make assumptions


Do not blame


Do not reason with unreasonable people


Do not label people


Stay away from needy people


Stay away from drama people


Stay away from whiners and complainers










Have a daily check up for your thinking


Think about how you can make this new day a GREAT day-


In your daily life, professional life, and any relationships


Positive thinking will not let you do anything other than to bring more positive thinking into your mind.

more positive thinking into your mind.

Zig Ziglar



Always, always ask YOUR SELF – questions


What do I want


What do I enjoy doing?


What is meaningful in my life


What gives me Joy


Forgive me and everyone


Framing questions in your mind should be positive and about

SELFhood –


Imagine positive outcomes


Have good intent


Say everything with positive thinking


What have you done to make those changes in YOUR life?


Repeat, and keep repeating positive thoughts


Write a list of things you need to focus on to make positive change


Write a list of regular habits that are keeping you from making the positive changes


Write a list of work-life balance.


Write a list of who inspires, encourages, empowers YOU on a


Daily basis


Go through the grieving process on your pain and trauma from life


This will help you get to the:

What Life Does Expect from YOU?


There is always going to be:








And it touches us easy separately and differently because of our







The Spirit of SELFhood in the NOW is always a grand saying.

Live in the NOW.

Enjoy the NOW

Live in the Present

YOU are your yesterdays, todays and the tomorrows so it is

hard and not so hard to stay in the NOW>

Today this Blog will be visiting the book by Eckhart Tolle,

“Practicing “The Power of NOW” – and all of his enlighten on

of the subject of staying in the NOW.

“When your consciousness is directed outward, mind and world



When it is directed inward, it realizes its own Source and returns

home into the Unmanifested”


But, this website is about manifested mind and YOU and YOUR



Tolle does speak of “end the delusion of time and that time and

mind is inseparable.  Remove time from mind and it stops.

Which is true when you sit and meditate – YOU should be able to

feel that time has stopped.  Tolle does say the more you are

focused on time – past and future – the more you miss the NOW,

the most precious thing there is.


I try to live in the NOW – on my own terms but I still enjoy what

Tolle has to say about the NOW in his books.  That is why it is

Important to read and absorb others and reflect how it adds to

ones own life, you sort out what good would work into your own

theory on your own life and philosophy and leave out which will

not improve you to the next level on your journey.


NOW is the most important thing and the most precious thing

there is.  Because it is the only thing, all there this.  There was

ever a time when your life was not now.  And the Now is the only

point that can take you beyond the limited confines of YOUR



This minute is the best minute – and the last minute was good

and were you in that minute as you are in this minute – and into

the next minute.  That is how we live in the NOW – what this

minute brings from the history of you.


Tolle talks about breaking bad habits – which is really, really great

because we all have bad habits and we continually have to work

those bad habits or addictions.   Therefore, from my life lesson on

forgiveness – of SELF and others is one of most beautiful ways to

break bad habits or addictions.


Tolle talks about: “Making it a habit to monitor your mental and

Emotional state through self-observation”

The question he said is “Am I at ease at this moment”?  and that

Is a great question because I have found that I do not go

anywhere, say anything, or do anything where I am not at ease.


WE are the past, the present, and the future.

The past we forgive, remember, and have good thoughts.

The present can be loving, forgiving, and making good memories.

And Plan, stay on Mission, Learn, Read and have intentions of

what YOU will have in the future.








Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC talks about in order to maximize

your health and reduce your changes of developing autoimmune

diseases such as Hashimotos, celiac disease, rheumatoid

arthritis, diabetes and other illnesses, it pays to know your blood



Most people pay little attention to their blood type as it seems it is

only important when you are going to have an operation or other

procedures when you might need blood transfusions or when you

are having a baby.


There are 4 blood types, which make up the worlds




O – 45% worlds population

A – 40% world population

B – 11% global population

AB – 4% worlds population


Foods also have substances known as lectins which act upon our

specific blood type to cause various alterations in our body

function such as:


Causing our blood cells to stick together

Trigger body-wide inflammation

Act as insulin by attaching to insulin receptor on cells which leads

to weight gain.

Trigger autoimmune attack

Trigger digestive system malfunction and pain

Creative intestinal damage leading to leaky gut syndrome and as

a result brain inflammation

Interrupt nerve signals in the body and alter levels of

neurotransmitters and thus cause nerve and brain malfunction

leading to ADD and even Alzheimer’s disease.

And many more things
Due to the many health damaging effects various lectins can have

on the health of people with different blood types.


I have used Dr. D’Adamo’s book:

“The Blood Type Diet” for years.

Apparently there are doctor’s that still do not seem to believe

Blood type makes a different in anything concerning our health

I cannot believe that because I believe it makes a huge

difference knowing what our

blood type is and how it affects our blood and particularly

our over-

all health for our life.


Knowing your blood type is an important tool for understanding

how your body reacts to food, your susceptibility to disease, your

natural reaction to stress, and so much more.    A single drop of

blood contains a biochemical makeup as unique to you as your



Let us just look at STRESS and how blood type works:


Type A people naturally have higher levels of the stress hormone

cortisol in their bodies and produce more in response to stressful

situations.  On the other hand, people with type O blood, have a

fight or flight reaction to stress which results in the overproduction

of adrenaline.  It takes type O’s longer to recover from stress

because it is more difficult for them to clear the adrenaline from

their bodies.


See how that works.


Dr. Lam is another Doctor that I have read his website and his

blood type food chart is wonderful and have used that over the

years.  Print it out and tape to your refrigerator.


On Dr. D’Amato’s website is his interview about blood type with

Dr. Oz.

It does all help YOU to build your own TOOLBOX for aging


Happy and Healthy.


Mind is Infinate


Chronic stress increases the stress hormone cortisol and affects

many brain functions, putting you at risk for many mood disorders

and other mental issues.


Stress is an unavoidable part of modern life.


There are two main kinds of stress – acute stress and chronic

stress – and not all stress is bad for you.


Acute stress is the reaction to an immediate threat, commonly

known as the “fight or flight” response.


Once the threat has passed, your level of stress hormones

returns to normal with no long-lasting effects.


Some degree of acute stress is even considered desirable as it

primes your brain for peak performance.


But chronic stress – the kind most of us fact day in, day out – is a


90% of doctors’ visits are for stress-related health complaints.

We are here to help you know the signs and fix the stress in your

life-we cannot solve your stress but helping and giving help

indicators can.


Chronic stress makes you more vulnerable to everything from

cancer to cold.


The non-stop elevation of stress hormones not only makes your

body sick; it negatively impacts your brain as well.


When stress becomes chronic, it changes your brains’ function

and even its structure down to the level of your DNA.


Stress hormones include epinephrine(adrenaline) and

norepinephrine produced on an as needed basis in moments of

extreme excitement.  They help you think and move fast in an

emergency.  They can save your life in the right situation.  The do

not linger in the body, dissipating as quickly as they were created.


Cortisol, on the other hand, streams through your system all day

long, and that is what makes it dangerous.


This stress hormone has been call the most dangerous of all

body, mind, and spirit.  Can lead to healthy problems, including

weight gain, osteoporosis, digestive problems, hormone

imbalances, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.  And takes a toll

on your adrenal glands.


One of the things I do – I take lithium orates every day

  1. Stress can kill brain cells.
  1. Make you forgetful and emotional
  1. Cycle of fear and anxiety
  1. Halts production of new brain cells
  1. depletes critical brain chemical causing depression
  1. Greater risk for mental illnesses of all kinds
  1. make bad decisions
  1. shrinks your brain
  1. lets toxins into your brain
  1. increases risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s
  1. causes brain cells to commit suicide
  1. contributes to brain inflammation and depression


There are simple steps to help stop stress everyday practicing:

  1. diet high in antioxidant-rich foods.
  1. Physical exercise
  1. meditation or prayer
  1. try self-hypnosis
  1. try herbal and spices have helped me.


I can tell you to:


Challenge SELF


Be Productive every day


Have a Mission every day


Stop putting any man-made products in your body.


Stop buying boxed, bagged, or canned foods.