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Your conscious mind is referred to as your objective mind

because it deals with outward objectives.  And the objective mind

takes cognizance of the objective world.  Its media of observation

are your five physical senses; taste, sight, touch, smell, and

hearing.  Your objective mind is your guide and director in your

contact with your environment.  You gain knowledge through your

five senses.  This part of your mind learns through observation,

experience, and education.  But, the greatest function of your

objective mind is that of reasoning.


In your own city you would see the beauty in the parks, children,

and history and that is your objective conscious mind.



Your subconscious mind is sometimes referred to as your

subjective mind.  It takes cognizance of its environment by means

independent of the five senses.  The subconscious mind

perceives by intuition.  It is the seat of your emotion and the

storehouse of your memory.  Your subjective mind performs at its

highest functions when your objective sense is in abeyance.  It is

that intelligence which makes itself manifest when the objective

mind is suspended or in a sleepy, drowsy state.


It not only has intuitive function, but has the capacity of

clairvoyance and clairaudience.  Your subconscious can leave

your body, travel to distant land and bring back information or can

read thoughts of others, read the content of sealed envelopes and

closed safes.  Or can retrieve thoughts of others.


YOU need to understand the interaction of the objective and

subjective mind in order to learn the true art of prayer.

The habitual thinking of your conscious mind eatables deep

grooves in your subconscious mind.  This is very favorable for you

if your habitual thoughts are harmonious, peaceful, and



Your subconscious mind, being creative and one with your divine

source, will proceed to create the freedom and happiness which

have earnestly decreed.


Your conscious mind is the “watchman at the gate” and to protect

your subconscious mind from false impressions.


The law of mind; Your subconscious mind is amenable to

SUGGESTION.    It does not make comparisons, or contrast,

neither does it reason and think things out for itself.

Subconscious = suggestions.  And different people will react in

different ways to the same suggestion because of their

subconscious conditioning or belief.


Laws of MIND:

In its constructive form it is wonderful and magnificent.  In its

negative aspects it is one of the most destructive of all the

response patterns of the mind, resulting in patterns of misery

failure, suffering, sickness, and disaster.


You can reject all negative suggestions into the Subconscious

mind with constructive autosuggestions, YOU can counteract all

these destructive ideas.


Think good thoughts and good follows.


REMEMBER:  Intentions of good suggestions with emotions.

Do not let others do your thinking for you.  Choose your own

Good thoughts – and make your own decisions.














Coronary calcium is a good indicator of heart attack risk since it

measures the amount of calcium, one of the components that can

build up in plaques that narrow heart vessels and can rupture and

cause heart attacks.


Plaque builds up can cause terrible effects on your health but

Eating healthy from a young age – and can slow your energy

Down, cause heart attacks.


Those eating 7 – 9 servings of vegetables and fruit a day on average were 25 % less to have coronary calcium in their arteries


There are several things that I have done over the years that have


Helped clean plaque out of my vessels and that is:


  1. I have flossed my teeth for 35 years now once a day


  1. I have taken L-arginine


L-arginine is a type of amino acid, and as we know, amino acids are the “building blocks” of proteins.


L-arginine is considered somewhat essential because it is highly important for many functions and I will list the benefits of L-arginine:


Stimulates growth hormones and insulin that help usher glucose into cells to be used for growth and energy output.


Enhances physical performance, stamina, and strength


Fight inflammation


Lowering risk for arteriosclerosis and heart attack


Repairing blood vessels


Fighting congestive heart failure


Help lower high blood pressure


Improving athletic performance


Increase immune function


Improve kidney function


Reduce muscle pains


Improve mental capacity


Fighting dementia


Preventing common cold


Correcting impotence


L-arginine is needed by the endothelial cells in order to form enough nitric oxide to keep blood flowing freely.


Listed below are 5 ways L-arginine helps the body:


  1. improves heart health


  1. Lowers inflammation and fights the effects of aging.


  1. Boosts exercise performance


  1. improves immunity. Helps prevent infections and speeds up



  1. helps treat erectile dysfunction and infertility


Some of the best natural sources of L-arginine includes:


Cage-free eggs


Dairy products-cultured yogurt, kefir, raw organic cheese


Grass fed beef


Liver and organ meats


Wild caught fish


Sesame seeds


Pumpkin seeds


Sunflower seeds


Seaweed and sea vegetables




Brazil nuts






Coconut meat


Everything about YOU – your mind, body, and spirit are


interacting every minute of every day of your life.  The more


You know about all YOU – the more you will age healthy and


live life until you die.


Each of us had our own childhood – whatever our socioeconomic


Status was.


My mother always had:





I grew up on that food-mother never had a vegetable garden

because we lived in a city.


I do believe strongly that people who were raised on farms and

had gardens and chickens or pigs or beef are probably in better

health than my family and aged healthy.


For 35 years I have been doing preventive for SELFhood.


Everything I talk about on this website I have probably done over

these 35 years to age healthily.






The end product of YOUR life is JOY for all the:

























Not in that order necessarily but JOY comes






There is known a base of how to cultivate the “eight pillars of joy”:











JOY comes as a combination of the above pillars of joy but


Also from:




JOY is different for each of us.  But this blog is here to help you


Again, you can find JOY from someone else, what ever anyone says


Finding YOUR JOY


Only when YOU know SELFhood and all YOUR characteristics


Well you be of JOY


Forgiving SELF and everyone else


Loving SELF and everyone else


You need to have an honest reflection of YOUR life and recognize

how fragile we are, the pain, the suffering as well as the JOY that


YOU can have when YOU let go of all the negatives and embrace

the positives of SELF


Living a better life


Search for a meaningful life


Having a purpose


What Does Life Expect from YOU?


JOY comes from YOUR own insights into SELF and accepting

LOVE and FORGIVENESS which will give YOU JOY

But, it does take self-reflection to SELF and all our










To know JOY is to know SELF with everything gone before


JOY comes from:


YOUR actions


Feeling the thoughts that make your feel good


Doing a spring cleaning on YOUR belief system


Get Happy

Be grateful and thankful


Take a leap of faith


Let go as much as possible of negatives and pain


Re-create YOUR LIFE into what YOU want and need.


Here is a list of different ways to get YOUR JOY:


Learn something new


Get out in nature




Count your blessings




Nurture SELF






Sing out loud


Read a GREAT book




Meditate and enjoy silence


Have a mission each day


Get rid of stuff


Watch a sunrise or sunset


Create something


Take a walk in the rain


Let Go and Let GOD


Here are a couple of quotes from my wonderful people:


Find a place inside where there is joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.

Joseph Campbell


Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative afford

Franklin D. Roosevelt


It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken JOY in creative expression and knowledge

Albert Einstein


We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.  When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves



A thing of beauty is a joy forever; it is loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness’

John Keats


Joy is prayer; joy is strength; joy is love; joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.

Mother Teresa


We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world.

Helen Keller


YOUR joy will be different from anyone else’s JOY because of YOUR uniqueness







Love and Forgiveness = JOY




Forgive SELF


Have JOY




Love Dr. Leo Buscaglia


Today, this blog will be about Dr. Buscaglia and what wonderful

work he did in making it ok to internalize and externalize LOVE

And how important it is in each of us and to extend to our

the outer world of family, friends and to everyone we come in

contact with.


I never met the man but came across his Book LOVE in the

The 1980s when I was starting to develop to see who I was

because until then I had been controlled by parents, husband, and

society and the environment.  I needed to know ME – SELFhood.


Dr. Buscaglis/’s theory is that love is learned and that everyone

can and should learn to love.  Love SELF first and then out into

the universe.  But, there are people with negative energy and

needy, dramatic and chaos people you need to stay away from.


Below are some wonderful quotes from Dr. Buscaglia:


Your talent is God’s gift to you.  What you do with it is your

Gift back to GOD.



Now, that is what my podcast and book are about:

“What Does Life expect from YOU?”


Only the weak are cruel.  Gentleness can only be expected from the Strong.


I have a very strong feeling that the opposite of love is not hate-

It is apathy.  It is not giving a damn.


Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.


Biologically and physiologically, we are not equal.  Some of us learn better at different times of the day.  Some learn best visually, some auditorially, some tactilely, by touching.


If I don’t have wisdom, I can teach you only ignorance.


What we call the secret of happiness is no more a secret than our willingness to choose life.


Love is always open arms.  If you close your arms about love you will find that you are left holding only yourself.


Never idealize others.  They will never live up to your expectations.


Do not brood.  Get on with living and loving.  You do not have forever.


What love we are given, we will have forever.  What love we fail to give, will be lost for all eternity.


One of my favorites:

The easiest thing to be in the world is YOU.  The most difficult thing to be is what other people want you to be.  Do not let them put you in that position.


From ME:  SELFhood is what he is talking about.  YOUR uniqueness.


Change is the end result of all true learning.


I love reading reviews of books and reading the reviews of Dr.


Buscaglia’s books are uplifting and motivational in their own



One reviewer talks about his anger which has haunted him his

Whole life and that this one little book has helped him so much.

He still has anger issues but it is helping him in his daily life.

To me, this book is about loving firstly SELF-so you can go out

Into the world and love others not intimately always – but letting

People know you love them by your speech, actions, and loving








YOU have to protect your MIND


The best way to do that is having knowledge on what

may affect YOUR mind.


More and more research is coming out about

Hormone-disrupting chemicals are doing to not only

YOUR mind but your body which affects YOUR spirit.


It is all connected so just remember:


Body = Mind = Spirit = Body = Mind =Spirit


It all is connected please remember that

So it is important to know that there have been

Many people over many years that have done research

And been talking about hormone-disrupting chemicals

And how they are affecting YOU but your children, family

And friends in many ways.



Dr. Blylock


Dr. Mercola


Since I have been listening to these wonderful researchers and

Doctors for almost 20 years I have been aware of hormone-

disrupting chemicals for all those years and I have been

taking steps to eliminate them as much as possible.


But, because of what the multinational food companies and

supplement companies have been doing for past 20-30

years these small particles are already in all of our body

through the skin, blood and anyway they can get into our

Mind, Body and Spirit.


I am very careful about what I buy at grocery store-






And I do juice with extra turmeric and ground pepper and

olive oil.  Beet juice plus a lot of GOOD Supplements-I get only

Prescription quality supplements at:


Local Pharmacy

The Power Hour

I would never buy anything at corner pharmacy’s or grocery stores


Even exposure to tiny doses of hormone-disrupting chemicals

Is responsible for at least $340 billion in health-relate costs each



Flame retardants and pesticides, in particular, are known to affect

the developing brain and can lead to loss of IQ.


Each IQ point lost corresponds to approximately two percent in

lost productivity.


The costs and benefits of regulation should be openly debated,

citing the decision in the 1970s to ban lead in paint and also in



Bisphenol A

Cleaning products


Weaponizing weather particles

Anything man-made should be avoided as much as possible.

So-called endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are found in

Thousands of everyday products, ranging from plastic and metal

food containers, to detergents, flame retardants, toys and

cosmetics plus those mentioned above.


Neurological damage and behavioral problems, including

attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder(ADHD), autism and loss of


The body’s endocrine tissues produce essential hormones that

help regulate energy levels, reproduction, growth, development,

as well as our responses to stress and injury.


EDC’s lock on to receptors within a human cell and block the

body’s own hormones from binding to it.  Very adverse

consequences and life-long consequences at that.



Of everything you buy

Of everything you put in your mouth

Of everything YOUR children have in their room, put into

their mouth, or anything they eat.


Be smart

Be aware

Be informed






This blog about YOUR Spirit we will be talking about one of most

enlighten spiritual books in the last 50 years and how it may

affect your life and your journey and empower YOU.




By Paulo Coelho


It is about a shepherd and moving in a simple way while he was

places it in the following his dreams he had about treasures in

Egyptian pyramids.


The shepherd meets many spiritual messengers along his



The one encounter was meeting was the alchemist and about

Metals being heated for many years would be eventually freed of

all individual properties, and what would be left “Soul of the



His heart is afraid that it will have to suffer.  The alchemist

reassures the shepherd that the fear of suffering is worse than the

suffering itself.


If we are living in fear, we cannot move forward with our dreams

and opportunities.


There are only 2 emotions – LOVE and FEAR.

It is always better to live in Love and move forward through the



There are a lot of lessons in this book – this little book about a


Listening to our hearts and following YOUR dreams.

Living in the moment

Freeing YOUR self from fear

Understanding YOU are part of the energy of the Universe

Understanding everything will work out the way it was intended.

The universe will conspire to help YOU fulfill YOUR purpose –

Use YOUR sub-consciousness every day.


I always have enjoyed stories that




Each of us in our own way.  ‘

We all know a lot if we have gotten out of high school but we all

Need encouragement and empowerment at different times in our

lives.  Especially, when we have all been touched by tragic and

trauma – which includes anything like; death, divorce, anything

that can affect a person


This one little book are a simple tale about trying to keep us,

YOU, to keep diving into the strong current and to see where it

takes us.  But be inspired by the words that the shepherd kept

having in his mind and thoughts that kept leading him towards his

the goal of seeing his mission to get to Egypt and his goals.


This book will help you remain in YOUR center and is an exquisite


The book emphasizes the reason for each living in the now as

opposed to one’s past  and future.  You will remember this book

And the shepherd’s journey and go back to read it over the years.

All the yesterday’s make up our history and YOUR life.

But this little book and all the blogs will help YOU


What Does Life Expect from YOU?


It is everyday journey and because you have to keep all your

Mind, body and spirit in mind with every step of every day







YOU and Prevention


Do Prevention for your health, body, and peace of mind.

It is harder to cure a disease than it is to prevent one.

Let me give you a list of disease you can prevent because I


Have been doing prevention for close to 30 years so that I do

Not get cancer, diabetes, arthritis and a mired of many others


Diseases that can be caused by inflammation and/or autoimmune




Listed below is a list of things that may cause disease:


Blood type








Processed foods










Many other items


Feed your cells well, feed your organs well, do your exercises,

think positive, be happy, love, forgive and do what YOUR body

requires to live healthy while YOU age and do not forget to be

thankful, meditate, and prayer.


I highly suggest that knowing YOUR characteristics that helps

Know what YOUR body needs to be and stay healthy.

Blood type

Birth Date


Personality type

Family relations

Pecking order


Since a lot of diseases starts in the gut – always good to start with

A good probiotic – I use one that was created by a Japanese

Doctor – Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics – Pharmacist Ross Pelton sells it

And I buy it at my local pharmacy but you can order.

Pharmacist Pelton has a wonderful website


He was doing cancer researcher almost 30 years ago and is

so Informative on all issues of the body and health.


It does take time and effort – courage to know that you want to

age healthy,

I had both my hips replace years ago – from body being out of

Alignment and not arthritis.  So I work on my upper leg muscles –

And I now I can walk up and down stairs without holding on to

railings but I continue to work on my upper leg muscles to build

them up for aging as I go along here.


Prevention should become a lifelong journey, as it has for me.


I work daily on prevention of any disease.  My childhood family

Had all passed over the bridge by the time I was 63.

Brother dies of colon cancer and diabetes

Sister dies of leukemia

Mother dies of lung cancer

All within 2 ½ years.


My goal and daily mission are not to have those diseases


Since they have passed I went into depression so I am now

Taking Lithium Orates – I do get mine from:

The Power Hour – I also buy supplements from quality people,

places and websites that I know have quality, pharmacist quality



I do treat my body like a temple because it is taking me the end

of my life and I want it in the best shape I can keep it.

YOUR body is a temple and should be treated as such so

that family and friends can see how well you are doing.


Life and time do not give an inch because YOU need to

start today – not tomorrow-tomorrow will – always start today.


Take small steps if you must – but take one step.







YOU and YOUR infinite Spirit

Your spirit like mind and body is infinite – because it is ALL YOU

And that which is YOU is all infinite – YOUR physical body will die

But there is consciousness and soul and energy which is ALL,

EVERYTHING and FOR ALWAYS out there in the ether.

Dr. Pattakos book with Dr. Covey and Viktor Frankl’s life story

Is about how YOU have wonderful meaning in life – but the

Journey sometimes has bumps and mountains and YOU much

Learn to navigate over and around those bumps and mountains

In YOUR own unique way.

Some of the ways:

Exercise the personal freedom to choose our attitude and outlook

Realize our will to meaning or significance

Detect the meaning of life’s moments and questions

Do not work against our self

Look at our self from a distance

Shift our focus of attention or maintain fluidity or perception

Extend beyond yourself

YOUR life is what YOU make IT –

MAKE it great

MAKE it meaningful

MAKE it with love and forgiveness so you have JOY

So you have peace, harmony, and contentment at the end.


Viktor Frankl was a professor of neurology and psychiatry at University of Vienna Medical School and was the founder of what was call school of logotherapy.  Frankl’s theory is that man’s search for meaning is the primary motivation in his life.  The strength of a person’s sense of meaning, responsibility, and purpose is the greatest determine factor in how that question will be answered.


How do I go about making my life meaningful?

How do I go about making my life have a purpose?

We have great power to shape our attitudes and responses to the challenges that life presents to each of us, and that we grow thanks to these challenges.

Our spirit grows as our mind grows as our body ages.

Leave this plane knowing that you have left it with meaning, purpose and left your mark on family, friends and the many that have passed in the night.


Like someone said:

Frankl’s book will not show YOU the meaning of life but he will help you develop the tools, because you are unique, to develop the tools to find your own meaning.


Ralph Waldo Emerson was the person below,

“He did not try to lead others to himself, but to themselves”.


There it is again:

“What Does Life Expect From YOU?”


Tools to help YOU find that out is here at this website and that is my goal.

Nietzsche’s dictum is “He who has a WHY to live and bear with almost any HOW,’


Start today and continue on for the rest of your life here on this plane – learning, growing, developing, being a part of, sharing, loving, forgiving, having JOY


In all his tragic trauma Dr. Frankl found that meaning in his life and that is what he wanted, in all his writings, for you to have found YOUR meaning – in all your uniqueness, in all your tragic and trauma from living.  Find it for SELF, for peace, for quiet, for forgiveness, for love, for the JOY





YOU and YOUR Life Theory

YOU are unique and in your uniqueness is only YOUR theory

Most of us are always growing, learning, and developing

throughout our lifetime.  If you are not growing, learning, and

developing then YOU are stagnant and stressed everyday.

My sister was stagnant and stressed everyday – she died o

Leukemia at 65 and when given 2 weeks to live she called me

and we were talking and she said;

“I wish I had done more with my life; I know I could have”.

I told I know she could have also and so sad for her at these

last weeks of her life she acknowledged and knew she could have

done more, been more, succeeded more.  Instead, she chose

the easy way of being on social security disability.  There

is nothing wrong with that except that in her case she just took

the easy way out instead of making the daily effort of knowing

SELF and finding out her Life Theory and have peace, joy and

Harmony in that.

She was bright, and very nice and could have had a very

successful career if she would have put forth the daily work

I believe that do not ask what YOU expect from life but ask

The major theory here:

What does Life expect from ME?

When you ask yourself that question you are forced to go on a

journey of Selfhood and YOU will know what life expects from


Life is not always fair, life is not always easy, and life can be

painful, life can be trauma, life

READ about these people and you will see their journey of

pain and trauma but they produced and empowered themselves:

Immanuel Velikovsky

Jim Garrison

Viktor Frankl

Paul Erdos

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

They all came up with their own Life Theory but it was theirs

based on the truth and how they lived their life.

They did not care what other people thought.

They did what they did for the truth

They each knew Selfhood and the consequences of that

Knowing their own Life Theory

From my reading these wonderful people who have left so much

behind for us to believe in and find our own Life Theory I have

taken something from all of them plus hundreds of other people

who have written or made a different in our world history – in the

past and for in the future we will have their books and their


I believe that we cannot move up and forward unless we see and

learn from others on their Life Theory but knowing our self and our

characteristics all adds to knowing

What Life expects from YOU or Me or each person

Life Theory may come when you are young but for most people it

takes aging and developing over decades.

I have always had my own theory:

There are givers and there are takers.

I always wanted to be a giver, do what I can when I see a need,

respect other people’s space and opinion.  Love always, have joy.

There are always going to be takers – I stay away from them just

automatically.  Along with needy people, drama people and




Dring Water




Dr. Masaru Emoto devoted his life helping other learn to use

prayer and blessing to improve their lives.


Dr. Emoto was fascinated with water and wondered if there were

methods of expressing difference in the nature of water.


He knew that water from a natural spring was better for you than

tap water or stagnant water.


And does water have messages for us.  Could we develop ways

to receive those messages from water.


Dr. Emoto developed a process in which he would freeze drops of

water and take photographs of individual water crystals that

formed.  He found that his theory was correct; like snowflakes,

very water crystal is unique.  But he learned much more than that.


Dr. Emoto found that you could tell much about the nature of the

water by photographing it in this way, and more importantly, that,

as human beings, we ca change the nature of water in many

ways.  Water truly does have powerful messages for us.


One of the first things that Dr. Emoto learned was that all water

does not form beautiful crystals.  He tested top water from around

the world and found that tap water does not form water crystals.

Stagnant or polluted water does not form water crystals either, but

forms unpleasant, deformed frozen structures.  Rainwater, water

from clean streams and rivers, water from glaciers, and water

from holy places around the world form beautiful crystals when



Then he wondered if we, as human beings, can change the

nature of water, so he tried many techniques to test this.  Dr.

Emoto found that if he played beautiful music in the presence of

tap water, it would then make beautiful frozen crystal formations.

He also leaned that the written word changed the water.  Dr.

Emoto taped paper strips on bottles of tap water and then

photographed the frozen water.  He found that words such as

“Thank you” and “I love you”, cause the tap water to form beautiful

crystals.  Words such as “You make me sick,” or You are a fool,”

caused ugly, distorted crystals or no crystals at all.  Dr. Emoto

then found that we cause tap water to form beautiful frozen water

crystals simply by praying for the water, by sending it loving

thoughts, and by blessing it, like YOU should be blessing your

food before you eat.


YOU can learn to use prayerful intent to put beneficial energies

into your body, into substances, such as food and water, into

objects, such as jewelry, and into your living environment.  You

can bless things with unique energy vibrations as defined by



YOU can also change detrimental energies into beneficial

energies, all with the power of prayer and blessing.


Start YOUR blessings with water, food, and even your car with

The powerful INTENT.

How powerful is water in YOUR life?



Distilled water

Filtered water

Bless YOUR water

Bless YOUR food

Put a little Red Baron soda into to help alkaline-a pinch will do.