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YOU and the Best Brain Food


Dr. Axe says the best brain food is:

  1. Avocados
  1. Beets
  1. Blueberries
  1. Bone Broth
  1. Broccoli
  1. Celery
  1. Coconut Oil
  1. Dark Chocolate
  1. Egg Yolks
  1. Extra virgin olive oil
  1. Green, leafy vegetables
  1. Rosemary
  1. Salmon
  1. Turmeric
  1. Walnuts


I have for the last 30 years been eating many of the above in my diet – for hypothyroidism.


Here is the list from


Wild salmon

Nuts and seeds



Harvard. Edu talks about paying attention to how eating

different foods make you feel – try cutting out all processed

foods and sugar.  Adding fermented foods like kimchi, miso,

sauerkraut, pickles, or kombucha.  They say you might want

to try going dairy-free – and some people feel better when

their diets are grain-free.  Try the “clean” diet for two to three



The field of Nutritional Psychiatry is relatively new, however

there are observational data regarding the  association

between diet quality and mental healthy across countries,

cultures and age groups – depression in particular.

There are also some studies suggesting that dietary

improvement can prevent depression.  Diet during early life

is also linked to mental health outcomes in children.

An international team of researchers found that seniors who

consumed the most nutritious food had a nearly 25 percent

reduction in the risk of mental decline compared those with

the least healthy diets.  A study published in the online issue

of Neurology


Dr. Mercola’s list for brain food is very close to Dr. Axe.


In today’s environment, it is very hard to stay on a day in and

day out the diet of all the above “best brain” foods.

For the most part of the year- I never buy any canned,

bagged, or boxed foods to bring home for foods.  Once in a

great while, I will buy a can of chili or a box of favorite

crackers but it is limited to one-two times a year.

My Blood type along with my hypothyroidism requires my

body to eat mostly proteins, meat, eggs, tuna and green

leafy salad with fresh tomatoes.  I watch what I eat because I

also, have edema and I keep that at bay with my daily fresh


The above are my health issues but I pay attention to what I

eat daily.


I went through depression when my childhood family was

dying and I started several years ago adding

Lithium Orotate as a supplement.  Please do a search:


Lithium orotate Dr. John Grey and listen to his video on

Lithium orotate.

We do not have enough lithium orotate for our brain.  Very

affection and will probably help for depression and anxiety.


Either buy it at Dr. Grey’s website or I get mine from

The Power Hour-Joyce Riley’s radio show out of Missouri

It is the fuel that will make your brain work best.


high protein, low carb dietWhen you go to buy foods that are marked “organic” you need to

do your research on what the FDA qualifies as “organic”?

Revised rules went into effect on Oct. 21, 2002 and the

Latest USDA definition states:

Organic food is produced by farmers who emphasize the use of

renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to

enhance environmental quality for future generations.  Organic

meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products come from animals that

are given no antibiotics or growth hormones.  Organic food is

produced without using most conventional pesticides; petroleum-

based fertilizers or sewage sludge-based fertilizer;

bioengineering; or ionizing radiation.  Before a product can be

labeled “organic,” a Government-approved certified inspect the

farms where the food is grown to make sure the farmer is

following all the rules necessary to meet USDA organic

standards.  Companies that handle or process organic food

before it gets to your local supermarket or restaurant must be

certified, too.

BUT, you need to think about the following when you are

shopping in your neighborhood grocery store:

  1. The air and weather has been loaded down with metals

and toxins for years now.

  1. The soil has been depleted of nutrients for years now.
  1. The seeds that are used for growing YOUR food have

all been genially engineered, and for fast growing at that.


So I buy the best quality fresh vegetables I can afford, I buy

vegetables that I have to peel-carrots, beets, cucumbers, and

others that I can peel or have a thick skin,

The most nutrients I put in my body every week is the juice

I make:  chard with turmeric, olive oil and black pepper or

carrot juice with fresh ginger root.  You can freeze individual

portions and use within 1 week.


Although it is difficult to say I do this 100% of the time-but I try

hard not to buy anything in a:  bag, box, or canned food.

I do buy tuna fish at Whole Foods, plus I buy Whole Foods

365 brand.




You are going to have to supplement because of the conditions

that the food is grown and processed anymore.  50 to 100 or

more years ago the environment and soils were organic but

that is not the case anymore.


Read, do YOUR research so You understand the process of

the food you and YOUR family eat anymore.

The grains and how they affect your digestive system and YOUR


The sky’s are being sprayed and that is having a terrible effect

on YOUR body and the food you put in it.  Toxins and heavy

metals that do damage to your body.  BEWARE – BEWARE

Over time all these negative items going into your body

will make your body diseased and sick.  Not only will YOUR

body become sick but YOU will die sick and I know that is

not what you want for you, your children or your family and



We want to die of old age and happy and healthy.  Not hooked

up to any machine where our family and friends stand around

waiting for me to die.





YOU and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Others


The Power of Positive Thinking was a book that was always in our

Home when I was growing up and had always been there and

Was something my parents practiced all the lives – and I have f

followed Dr. Peale’s principles also for my life.


God is mentioned throughout the book but anyone reading the

Blog’s I write know how important God is in my life.  I thank God

every day, I pray for other’s health and success, my children,

friends, and especially when I hear of any family going through

trauma I send a prayer their way.


Prayer and positive thinking helps YOUR body and helps your



Prayer and positive thinking will help anyone, at any time, on



Fear and worry can cause your health to deteriorate.  Being

positive and letting go of all fear and worry in your life – turning it

over to God –makes for a healthy and happy body.  I have found

that so true in my own life and know you have and will also.


Not only does positive thinking help your spirituality but how

important it is for your body.  To love, to smile, to laugh, to have

joy.  Between YOU and God – all the positive and wonderful

things in life bring about those positive things in YOUR life.


Researchers continue to explore the effects of positive thinking

and optimism on health.  Mayo Clinic has said that the health

benefits that positive thinking may provide include:


Increased lifespan – that is an awesome thought!


Lower rates of depression


Lower levels of distress


Greater resistance to the common cold


Better psychological and physical well-being


Reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease


Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress


It is unclear why people who engage in positive thinking

experience these health benefits.  One theory is that having a

positive outlook enables us to cope better with stressful

situations, which reduces the harmful health effects of stress on

YOUR body.


John Hopkins Medicine gives a few tips on power of positive

thinking also:


Smile More


Reframing – in a traffic jam –I take a deep breath and am grateful


Build resiliency – maintain good relationship, accept change, be


A problem solver when they appear


That Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins Medicine also have some

positive thinking principles, it is amazing that Dr. Peale came out

with his principles in 1930 sometime.  But, as time has come

forward even big medical centers find that positive thinking has a

lot to do with not only spirituality but with our health and body.


Healthy aging and Joy for today





There are probably many more reasons to juice than the ones


that I am going to lay out before you in this blog but build your


own reasons but I am going to lay some out here.



I use my vita mixer – I use to have a juicer but it took out too


much of the pulp for me and so I wanted the pulp because there


is a lot of fiber in that pulp and I was worried I could get some


more of the good pulp with my vita mixer.


  1. The juicing nutrients pass directly into the bloodstream, ad



  1. within minutes our bodies receive optimum fuel to fee our


cells and help restore our immune system



  1. vegetable juice provides vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates,


essential fatty acids, proteins, phytonutrients, antioxidants


and so much more.



  1. Increased energy – wonderful


  1. able to drink their highly concentrated nutrients which enter


bloodstream very quickly

I do not juice fruits – maybe a couple of times a year.  I juice


chard, carrots, and ginger root – and put turmeric into all my


juicing I do.



  1. You will never receive as much nutrients in anything else


except juicing vegetables


  1. drink fresh juice as much as possible but I do freeze small


jars for a week or so – looses some of it’s value



  1. nothing compares to fresh vetable juice to provide your body


with all nutrients it needs on a daily basis


  1. it increased alkalinity.  It is said disease cannot thrive in an


alkaline body and I have always believed that and especially


since I read Dr. Broady’s book Alkaline or Die book some 15


years ago.



Have a juicing plan for YOU – so that you can plan once a


week to make the juice – put in hermetic sealed glass jar


and it will be ok from Sunday through Thursday –or you can


put in 6 oz. mason jars in freezer for a week.  You have


choices here and work out whatever is best for your life


style.  There is always a choice and always options,


Know that juicing vegetables is the fastest way to get


nutrients into your bloodstream and keep your cells fed well


with as much nutrients as possible.



Fruit does not have the high alkaline value that greens and


vegetables have so be as informed as possible.



There are many types of juicers, many types of blenders and


other types of expensive juicers but I like my vita mixer and


love it because it is probably medium priced juicer


One of the things you must remember everyday is that your


cells and organs MUST be fed well on a daily basis and in


this blog is where you learn how to do that with love, joy


and peace






YOU and Vaccines


I do not know anyone who believes there should be no vaccines.

But, there are more and more Doctors and researchers who

believe it should be limited to a few very good non-threatening



But there is a vaccine injury compensation program for a reason.

Very difficult to even get a hearing before the court.


Dr. Blaylock has talked about vaccines and their side-effects and

also about excitotoxins in processed foods but today I will be

talking about the interview between Dr. Blaylock, a neurosurgeon

and expert on excitotoxins and the brain.


Dr. Blaylock’s books are:


Excitotoxins:  The Taste that Kills

Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients.

And Dr. Blaylock wrote an introduction to Neil Z. Miller’s “The

Vaccine Safety Manual.”


MMR vaccines can be split into the 3 separate shots for babies.

When my grandson was born I suggested that to my daughter-in-

law at the time and thank goodness she did see that the doctor

gave my only grandson 3 separate shots that are the 3 in 1 MMR.


The CDC states on its website that the MMR and pertussis

vaccines can cause permanent brain damage.


The flu vaccine is what most of the people have in this country as

they age.  I have not had a flu vaccine for almost 30 years – and

never have a bad bout of the flu in those years either.


Some flu shot formulations contain brain-destroying toxins.

Here are some of the substances that may be added to flu




Egg protein


Monosodium glutamate


CDC says that these are necessary to keep vaccines safe and



All vaccines carry a risk of provoking an acute adverse reaction.

Vaccines are immune suppressive-they suppress the immune



Some components in vaccines are neurotoxic and may cause

immune and brain dysfunction, particularly heavy metals such as

mercury preservatives and aluminum adjuvants.


Vaccines may alter your t-cell function and lead you to become

chronically ill.


The flu shot is an individual choice.  I do not believe anything

medically should be mandatory and especially shots.  It should be

up to the individual.


I work on a daily basis to take care of my own health and work on

my nutrition and exercise to keep me healthy.

Here is Dr. Mercola recipe for staying away from flu and staying in

a healthy state:


Optimize your Vitamin D levels

Avoid sugar, fructose and processed foods

Get enough rest

Have effective tools to address stress


Good source of Omega-3 fats

Wash your hands-I use natural bar soap.

Use natural antibiotics:  colloidal silver, oil of oregano, and garlic.

Avoid hospitals.


Hope all the above has helped in making a wise decision for

getting the flu vaccines over the years.

Stay healthy

Age healthy







You and Randy Pausch


You say Randy Pausch who?  I have heard Professor Pausch lecturer’s he gave and know him as, from my viewpoint, one of the most influential speakers on death and dying as he was dying while he continued to lecture in college and write his book he gave and know him as, from my viewpoint, one of the most influential speakers on death and dying as he was dying while he continued to lecture in college and write his book “The Last Lecture”

Professor Pausch was a professor of Computer Science, Human-Computer

Computer Interaction, and Design at Carnegie Mellon University and was 46 and he was dying.


In summer of 2006 the Professor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer,

finally on September 18, 2007, he gave his last lecture, leaving behind a wife and three little children.


He delivered a laugh-filled session on his last lecture of going after your childhood dreams and helping other achieve theirs and enjoying very moment in your life – even the ones that break your heart.


Professor Pausch’s philosophy, in a sentence, was: “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, it is how we play the hand.”


Professor Pausch is how I want my life to look, gracious, dignity, laughter, personal power, love, reaching for our dreams, achieving those dreams, and when there are veils of negativism withhold into our own

soul, because we all have those


I cannot say how often I think of Professor Pausch and his last several years of trying to stay well and then having to face his mortality and wanting those days and months to be profound for those he loved, his wife, his 3 little children and other family members and friends.


Professor Pausch was a great soul and seemed to view life through an angle many of will not or cannot –that magnified beauty and hope and love and makes the most of our most precious commodity-time.  He has touched many lives, mine included, just in learning how to play the hand we are dealt.


Class act, teachers, left wonderful book, his last lecture on YouTube and

after you read his book and listen to his last lecture – I believe your life will be re-focused on making the most of today, tomorrow, and in the

will be re-focused on making the most of today, tomorrow, and in the

future YOUR time will be more meaningful.


Listed below are a few messages that I received:


Do what you love, the rest will follow


Be passionate about what you do


Love deeply, with conviction




Be interested in life


Be curious


Never lose the sense of wonder and awe


Support and encourage others


Build great relationships


Under difficult circumstances, Professor Pausch left many with his

grace and professionalism.  He is an inspiration to me and many others.

His legacy will live forever and for many years to come.


Here we are still talking about Professor Pausch and his legacy – not

only for his wife and children but to us out here “playing our hand”,

loving, laughing, being productive, being of good will and passing it on

to those around us whom we love







Aspartame, MSG, and Excitotoxins


Mike Adams, The Health Ranger as I know him, has an interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock.


Dr. Blaylock is a retired Neurosurgeon and I have listened to his

lectures, interviews, and his research for years now and believe

his views on many medical topics to be correct.


Today we are going to see some of those views but from other

researchers also what Aspartame, MSG and any other

excitotoxins can do to our bodies and health.


In today’s food world we almost cannot have used the pink, blue

or yellow packaged sugar.  I still enjoy real sugar at times, and try

to use it when I am out at restaurants.


Listed below are some of the effects if those items:

Related to cancer, obesity, neurodegenerative diseases and metabolic disorder


MSG is hiding on food labels under “innocent-sounding” ingredients

Yellow packaged sugar may suppress immune system


Dangers of products are suppressed

American Diabetes Association does not speak out against aspartame

Yeast extract is not good for you

There is a link between soy and dementia

Aspartame can both cause and accelerate cancer


Listed below is some foods that have (excitotoxins) in them:

Diet soda

Canned soups

Frozen pizza

Baby food

Gravy mixes and dip mixes

Breakfast sausage

Salad dressings


And hundreds of other grocery products and restaurant foods.


Excitotoxins are known to cause:






Increased appetite


Infertility and reproductive disorders


Impaired brain function


Cancer/brain tumors


Heart damage can cardiovascular harm


I try to limit intake of any aspartame, MSG, or excitotoxins


But I cannot eliminate all of it 100% in today’s environment.


Dr. Edward Group has the following to say about excitotoxins:

They make food seem more flavorful than it really is.  Food

companies spend millions on research and development on what

will make food take good so we will go back for more.  And yet

excitotoxins has been linked to brain cell death, infertility,

problems with sexual development, violent behaviors and

hormonal disorders so be careful in eating the following in YOUR





Dominic Acid





When I eat out at restaurants I eat the food on the menu and

knowing that there are all kinds of processed items on the menu I

do not make an issue of it.  At home, I try to never buy boxed,

canned, bagged, or frozen meals/food.


Protect YOUR mind, body, and spirit with what YOU eat –

because there is a saying, “YOU are what YOU eat”.


Choose to be healthy as YOU age


Choose the farmer’s markets


Choose the fresh, organic vegetables


Chose the good food to feed YOUR body – in 30 years it will make a difference on YOUR aging.






YOU and feeding YOUR brain/mind


The mind does not reside in the brain but for the YOUR mind to

work as well as it can then YOUR brain needs to be fed as well as

possible on a daily basis.


Your brain needs the same nutrients that every cell in your body

needs.  It needs macronutrients, like fat, protein, and

carbohydrates and micronutrients like vitamins and minerals.


YOU have to eat portions of fat, protein, and carbohydrates every

day for the brain the function properly.


Oxygen and deep breathing is so very important also to the brain.

By deep breathing and knowing for SELF I have not had a

headache –can feel a headache coming on and I take deep

breaths for about 5-10 minutes and headache never occurs

because I am filling my body and mind with deep oxygen.


In the fat, protein, and carbohydrates they need to be organic and

NON-PROCESSED – only those fresh and organic should go into

your body for your mind to function at top level.


A health inspector told me once “only shop around the walls of a

grocery store – not in the middle where all the processed food is”.


Try not to eat anything with white flour or sugar in the recipe.

YOU are not going to be able to do that 100% of time but if you

think about it you can stop a lot of random eating.


It will help YOU to think how you will be at 80 or 90 years old –

and how you will age beautifully if you are careful with processed

foods in your 30-40.


Magnesium is one of the best minerals for the brain.  There are

several different kinds and I take the one to help sleep and bowel



Omega 3 – especially during childhood – helps build proper

neural connections and helps create the barrier that protects the

nerves throughout life.


Vitamin D3-important for proper growth and development,

protecting the body against muscle weakness


Here is a list of brain foods







Sesame Seeds


Butternut Squash

Za’atar – middle eastern spice mixture


Listed below are 5 nutrients that are very important for the brain

and only found in animal foods


Vitamin B12 – meat, fish, and eggs

Creatine – meat

Vitamin D3 – comes from animals, cod fish liver oil best source

Carnosine – in animal tissues

Docosahexaenoic acid(DHA)-fatty fish, grass fed animals products.


FOR THE BRAIN – children and adults need the right types and

the right amount at the right time.


Balance in everything – please feed your brain good nutrients and

foods- and especially the little ones in your family for their little

brains and depending on you to take care of them until they make

their own decisions






YOU and The Four Agreements:  A Practical Guide to Personal


Don Miguel Ruiz


YOUR spirituality is the foundation for YOUR everything.

I have a strong spiritual life- and I am sure you do also but today’s

the blog is about accepting YOURself and others as we are and

“letting go of the rest”.


Mr. Ruiz shares the first four Toltec Words of Wisdom.  Core

beliefs that either run or ruin your life and the ancient Toltec’s

understood this part of human nature well.


This book is spiritual in the way that, not only the Toltec’s lived by

these philosophies but it is wonderful today to live by the 4



  1. Be impeccable to your word


  1. Do not take anything personally


  1. Do not make assumptions


  1. Always do your best

I try to live by those 4 agreements or statements and appreciate

Mr. Ruiz’s book so I can pick it up and read it over and over.


For myself, I will add one more statement that I try to live by, and

that is Jesus basic tenant of:  Do unto others as you would have

them do unto you.

One of the things most important is not to let other people drama

and chaos wear on your psyche and cause you to behave

negatively as a result.


Re-Wire YOUR thoughts into just WHO you want to Be-I believe

when my childhood family died within 2-1/2 years I allowed my

mind and thoughts to become depressed and it took me 10 years

to re-wire back to my normal thoughts.


Be stronger on a daily basis

Do not be passive on issues important to you


Be courageous

Step out in your faith to fulfill your life


Have JOY

Do not accept anything less



Take time to be at one with the universal GOD


Exercise all that your have

Body, Spirit and Mind


Encourage/Empower SELF

YOU will do it best only by Self talk, reading and learning


Eckhart Tolle wrote a book:  “Stillness Speaks”


I love the stillness I can find each day.  I am quiet, have

everything electronic away from me.  I usually go out on my deck

and sit and meditate/pray.


Here are some quotes from the book:


“True intelligence operates silently:  Stillness is where creativity

and solutions to problems are found.”


“Every though pretends that it matters so much.”


“Is life every ‘not this moment’?”


“sometimes surrender means giving up trying to understand and

becoming comfortable with not knowing.


“Love does not want or fear anything.”


Build YOUR library, so you can pass it down, to your

grandchildren.  They will not appreciate all these wonderful

authors until their later years but it is YOUR legacy to them a

library for them and their children






Oh, how we love to talk about our emotions.  But, I believe you

may need to know about what researchers in Finland have

compiled and the first authoritative atlas of “body maps” that

detail where we feel emotions.  You can now know that happiness

actually makes us feel tingly all over, that sadness is felt in the

heart, and that depression is characterized by an all-over

numbness.  It would seem idioms such as a chest puffed with

pride, or cold feet, are very much seated in physiological reality.


YOU know that emotions are linked to physiological changes –

nervousness and sweaty palms, shame and a hot head/cheeks,

fear and a racing heart – but this study, carried out by Lauri

Nummenmaa and friends are exciting because it uses a very large

the pool of participants – 700 people from Finland, Sweden, and

Taiwan – and is controlled by nationality and language, in other

words, despite differences in language and culture, it seems that

all humans have a very similar, genetically idiom tells us to pride

really does make your face and torso feel good.


The researchers hope that, with continued study, these maps may

help with diagnosing and treating emotional disorders.
Each emotion triggers a very specific and unique physiological

response.  Happiness and love are the only emotions that

increase sensation below the waist.  That is interesting and we all

know that is true from our loves over our lifetimes.  Sadness

decreases the feeling of everything, except for the heart and parts

of the fee.  Depression is an all-over lack of sensation.  It is

starting to see shame’s intense increase of sensation in the head

and cheeks, fluttering heart and stomach, and numbness of legs

so accurately depicted.  Now we just need to work out WHY and


HOW each emotion triggers such a physiological response?


Let me list the Primary, secondary and tertiary emotions that are

Categorized into a short tree structure



Affection – adoration, love, caring, sentimentality

Lust – arousal, desire, lust, passion

Longing – longing



Cheerfulness – amusement, bliss, joy, ecstasy

Zest – zeal, excitement, thrill

Contentment – pleasure

Pride – triumph

Optimism – hope, optimism

Relief – relief



Surprise – astonishment



Irritation – annoyance

Exasperation – frustration

Rage – resentment, dislike

Envy – jealousy

Torment – torment



Suffering – hurt

Sadness – depression

Disappointment – displeasure

Shame – remorse, regret

Neglect – isolation, neglect

Sympathy – pity, sympathy



Horror – shock, horror, terror, panic

Nervousness – anxiety, worry, tenseness

There is new research from the Institute of Neuroscience and


Psychology at the University of Glasgow that says the range of

human emotion may be a little closer to a teaspoon than

previously thought.


Four basic emotions, according to this study; happy, sad,

afraid/surprised, and angry/disgusted.


From these 2 research that is above – can group as seen into

smaller groups,


One of my favorite authors is Gerald G. Jampolsky who wrote

“Love is Letting go of Fear” which is an amazing book – little as it

is but had a profound effect on my when I read it in the 1980s.


So, to get down to the basics of our emotions –Love is letting go

of Fear is probably a great little book to read.  The research

above is always good to know and understand also.