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Moment of Joy

If you want to DWELL on anything – make it positive


People who can only DWELL on one thing can become obsessive and compulsive just about that one thing.

Having YOUR mind dwelling on that one thing can cause depression, anxiety and other maladies that are not productive for YOU aging Healthy and Happy.

YOUR mind can get stuck in that mode and it can take years to work through it. YOU may have to seek to counsel, go to classes, or take medication to move beyond.

Do not do that to YOU.

Do whatever it takes for YOU to move beyond the dwelling on negatives such as anger,  jealousy, and revenge. Those are natural feelings at times but only for a few minutes – do not spend hours or days in negative feelings.

Forgiveness is one of the most important words in the world. Forgiveness of SELF, forgiveness of anyone who YOU believe has wronged you. It is very hard to move forward with YOUR life if you do not forgive SELF and others.

YOUR mind is infinite and is more than YOU think it is. Make the most of

YOUR mind- do not settle for just what YOU are thinking right this moment.

Alex Pattakos, Ph.D. has a book called, “Prisoners of Our Thoughts.” 

Please read it.

Believe that we can become prisoners of our thoughts and maybe YOU already have – move beyond – do whatever it takes to move beyond.

I love Dr. Viktor Frankle’s book, “Man’s Search for Meaning”.

He and his whole family went to the into the concentration camps in World War II.  He was the only one who survived because he used his mind to survive.

I was so angry when I got a divorce and was forced to become single parent home, with no child support, and never worked until I was 40. I had to get out of that anger – so I did a lot of volunteer work through those years which helped me immensely.

Find something for YOU to get out of dwelling mentally on the negatives. Do whatever it takes – cannot stress that enough.

I have had a lot of family members who had alcohol problems and drug addictions. Do not allow YOURSELF to become that person who cannot get off that merry-go-round – it is a terrible thing to have addictions – move beyond that – do whatever it takes to get off that road. I am very careful about drinking – be very careful about what and how much of anything.

If YOU cannot feel good about YOU without putting something into your Mind then I believe you need counseling, group therapy, or someone to help you move beyond that.

Be able to look YOURself in the mirror and say “I love you” Do that for YOU. Make the effort, YOU are worth all the time YOU spend on pampering YOURself. I had a doctor once tell me that “YOU are okay if your can clean your house and not sleep all the time.” So just to check – clean house and do not stay in bed longer than 6-8 hours a day.



The Journey of Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth is a Journey – a Journey of Knowledge

It is an expansion of ourselves. YOU must be willing to expand your knowledge – and giving up on some of the  ‘old’ self and wanting to become the ‘best you can be” as they say. Empower SELF with that knowledge and expand SELF.

Some of the steps YOU can take for Spiritual Growth is:

  • Not watching TV
  • Read non-fiction books –spiritual, history, autobiographies, etc.
  • Work on being in Balance with Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Being positive in YOUR daily walk
  • Work the Serenity Prayer into YOUR life
  • Meditate
  • Stay off electronics for all but an hour a day
  • Read from my list of Spiritual books

It is more comfortable staying where we are than to be willing to develop a broader vision of what may be.

  • Be courageous
  • Be brave
  • Be willing to want to be Happy and Healthy
  • This website is about YOU.
  • How you feel
  • What you are thinking
  • What are your thoughts

YOU take charge today –

  • Let go of old behavior that takes you nowhere
  • Let go of behavior that is negative for your Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Be on time, get your job done early or on time, do no procrastinate. Do time-management for your daily life.
  • Make every day – a day with a mission.

I am on a mission every day —

I was reading in Dr. Peck’s book about “Kathy”-she had problems but her biggest problem was her mother. Kathy was never free to be “ME”. I always wanted my children to be free to be themselves. My daughter called me one day and asked me “How did I get to be me”. And I told her how important it was for me that my children were “Free to be Me” and that was how I raised them. And she said, “OH”.

To really be “free to be me” YOU have to know:

  • What you think
  • What you feel
  • What you believe is important
  • What your views on how you want your life to look like
  • What your plans are for your future

Expanding your knowledge makes YOU more at peace with SELF.

  • STOP looking outside of SELF for answers
  • LOOK With-IN and grow – be courageous

Do not put off, do not procrastinate – that is what Dr. Peck’s books is about, Self-discipline is about all parts of your life.

Do not judge anyone else for how they handle their life – just make sure YOU are running YOUR life straight down the track. It is harder to get back on the track once off.

Say YOU are 90 years old – what do you want your life to look like? If I live to be 90 – I want to be able to walk, live in my own condo and enjoy my world being Healthy and Happy.

What does your world look like at 90? Close your eyes and use your imagination – it is a wonderful thing – your imagination.

Spiritual means having YOUR life in order – be disciplines and reading The Road Less Traveled and putting it into practice on a daily basis.