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Aspartame, MSG, and Excitotoxins


Mike Adams, The Health Ranger as I know him, has an interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock.


Dr. Blaylock is a retired Neurosurgeon and I have listened to his

lectures, interviews, and his research for years now and believe

his views on many medical topics to be correct.


Today we are going to see some of those views but from other

researchers also what Aspartame, MSG and any other

excitotoxins can do to our bodies and health.


In today’s food world we almost cannot have used the pink, blue

or yellow packaged sugar.  I still enjoy real sugar at times, and try

to use it when I am out at restaurants.


Listed below are some of the effects if those items:

Related to cancer, obesity, neurodegenerative diseases and metabolic disorder


MSG is hiding on food labels under “innocent-sounding” ingredients

Yellow packaged sugar may suppress immune system


Dangers of products are suppressed

American Diabetes Association does not speak out against aspartame

Yeast extract is not good for you

There is a link between soy and dementia

Aspartame can both cause and accelerate cancer


Listed below is some foods that have (excitotoxins) in them:

Diet soda

Canned soups

Frozen pizza

Baby food

Gravy mixes and dip mixes

Breakfast sausage

Salad dressings


And hundreds of other grocery products and restaurant foods.


Excitotoxins are known to cause:






Increased appetite


Infertility and reproductive disorders


Impaired brain function


Cancer/brain tumors


Heart damage can cardiovascular harm


I try to limit intake of any aspartame, MSG, or excitotoxins


But I cannot eliminate all of it 100% in today’s environment.


Dr. Edward Group has the following to say about excitotoxins:

They make food seem more flavorful than it really is.  Food

companies spend millions on research and development on what

will make food take good so we will go back for more.  And yet

excitotoxins has been linked to brain cell death, infertility,

problems with sexual development, violent behaviors and

hormonal disorders so be careful in eating the following in YOUR





Dominic Acid





When I eat out at restaurants I eat the food on the menu and

knowing that there are all kinds of processed items on the menu I

do not make an issue of it.  At home, I try to never buy boxed,

canned, bagged, or frozen meals/food.


Protect YOUR mind, body, and spirit with what YOU eat –

because there is a saying, “YOU are what YOU eat”.


Choose to be healthy as YOU age


Choose the farmer’s markets


Choose the fresh, organic vegetables


Chose the good food to feed YOUR body – in 30 years it will make a difference on YOUR aging.






YOU and feeding YOUR brain/mind


The mind does not reside in the brain but for the YOUR mind to

work as well as it can then YOUR brain needs to be fed as well as

possible on a daily basis.


Your brain needs the same nutrients that every cell in your body

needs.  It needs macronutrients, like fat, protein, and

carbohydrates and micronutrients like vitamins and minerals.


YOU have to eat portions of fat, protein, and carbohydrates every

day for the brain the function properly.


Oxygen and deep breathing is so very important also to the brain.

By deep breathing and knowing for SELF I have not had a

headache –can feel a headache coming on and I take deep

breaths for about 5-10 minutes and headache never occurs

because I am filling my body and mind with deep oxygen.


In the fat, protein, and carbohydrates they need to be organic and

NON-PROCESSED – only those fresh and organic should go into

your body for your mind to function at top level.


A health inspector told me once “only shop around the walls of a

grocery store – not in the middle where all the processed food is”.


Try not to eat anything with white flour or sugar in the recipe.

YOU are not going to be able to do that 100% of time but if you

think about it you can stop a lot of random eating.


It will help YOU to think how you will be at 80 or 90 years old –

and how you will age beautifully if you are careful with processed

foods in your 30-40.


Magnesium is one of the best minerals for the brain.  There are

several different kinds and I take the one to help sleep and bowel



Omega 3 – especially during childhood – helps build proper

neural connections and helps create the barrier that protects the

nerves throughout life.


Vitamin D3-important for proper growth and development,

protecting the body against muscle weakness


Here is a list of brain foods







Sesame Seeds


Butternut Squash

Za’atar – middle eastern spice mixture


Listed below are 5 nutrients that are very important for the brain

and only found in animal foods


Vitamin B12 – meat, fish, and eggs

Creatine – meat

Vitamin D3 – comes from animals, cod fish liver oil best source

Carnosine – in animal tissues

Docosahexaenoic acid(DHA)-fatty fish, grass fed animals products.


FOR THE BRAIN – children and adults need the right types and

the right amount at the right time.


Balance in everything – please feed your brain good nutrients and

foods- and especially the little ones in your family for their little

brains and depending on you to take care of them until they make

their own decisions






YOU and The Four Agreements:  A Practical Guide to Personal


Don Miguel Ruiz


YOUR spirituality is the foundation for YOUR everything.

I have a strong spiritual life- and I am sure you do also but today’s

the blog is about accepting YOURself and others as we are and

“letting go of the rest”.


Mr. Ruiz shares the first four Toltec Words of Wisdom.  Core

beliefs that either run or ruin your life and the ancient Toltec’s

understood this part of human nature well.


This book is spiritual in the way that, not only the Toltec’s lived by

these philosophies but it is wonderful today to live by the 4



  1. Be impeccable to your word


  1. Do not take anything personally


  1. Do not make assumptions


  1. Always do your best

I try to live by those 4 agreements or statements and appreciate

Mr. Ruiz’s book so I can pick it up and read it over and over.


For myself, I will add one more statement that I try to live by, and

that is Jesus basic tenant of:  Do unto others as you would have

them do unto you.

One of the things most important is not to let other people drama

and chaos wear on your psyche and cause you to behave

negatively as a result.


Re-Wire YOUR thoughts into just WHO you want to Be-I believe

when my childhood family died within 2-1/2 years I allowed my

mind and thoughts to become depressed and it took me 10 years

to re-wire back to my normal thoughts.


Be stronger on a daily basis

Do not be passive on issues important to you


Be courageous

Step out in your faith to fulfill your life


Have JOY

Do not accept anything less



Take time to be at one with the universal GOD


Exercise all that your have

Body, Spirit and Mind


Encourage/Empower SELF

YOU will do it best only by Self talk, reading and learning


Eckhart Tolle wrote a book:  “Stillness Speaks”


I love the stillness I can find each day.  I am quiet, have

everything electronic away from me.  I usually go out on my deck

and sit and meditate/pray.


Here are some quotes from the book:


“True intelligence operates silently:  Stillness is where creativity

and solutions to problems are found.”


“Every though pretends that it matters so much.”


“Is life every ‘not this moment’?”


“sometimes surrender means giving up trying to understand and

becoming comfortable with not knowing.


“Love does not want or fear anything.”


Build YOUR library, so you can pass it down, to your

grandchildren.  They will not appreciate all these wonderful

authors until their later years but it is YOUR legacy to them a

library for them and their children






Oh, how we love to talk about our emotions.  But, I believe you

may need to know about what researchers in Finland have

compiled and the first authoritative atlas of “body maps” that

detail where we feel emotions.  You can now know that happiness

actually makes us feel tingly all over, that sadness is felt in the

heart, and that depression is characterized by an all-over

numbness.  It would seem idioms such as a chest puffed with

pride, or cold feet, are very much seated in physiological reality.


YOU know that emotions are linked to physiological changes –

nervousness and sweaty palms, shame and a hot head/cheeks,

fear and a racing heart – but this study, carried out by Lauri

Nummenmaa and friends are exciting because it uses a very large

the pool of participants – 700 people from Finland, Sweden, and

Taiwan – and is controlled by nationality and language, in other

words, despite differences in language and culture, it seems that

all humans have a very similar, genetically idiom tells us to pride

really does make your face and torso feel good.


The researchers hope that, with continued study, these maps may

help with diagnosing and treating emotional disorders.
Each emotion triggers a very specific and unique physiological

response.  Happiness and love are the only emotions that

increase sensation below the waist.  That is interesting and we all

know that is true from our loves over our lifetimes.  Sadness

decreases the feeling of everything, except for the heart and parts

of the fee.  Depression is an all-over lack of sensation.  It is

starting to see shame’s intense increase of sensation in the head

and cheeks, fluttering heart and stomach, and numbness of legs

so accurately depicted.  Now we just need to work out WHY and


HOW each emotion triggers such a physiological response?


Let me list the Primary, secondary and tertiary emotions that are

Categorized into a short tree structure



Affection – adoration, love, caring, sentimentality

Lust – arousal, desire, lust, passion

Longing – longing



Cheerfulness – amusement, bliss, joy, ecstasy

Zest – zeal, excitement, thrill

Contentment – pleasure

Pride – triumph

Optimism – hope, optimism

Relief – relief



Surprise – astonishment



Irritation – annoyance

Exasperation – frustration

Rage – resentment, dislike

Envy – jealousy

Torment – torment



Suffering – hurt

Sadness – depression

Disappointment – displeasure

Shame – remorse, regret

Neglect – isolation, neglect

Sympathy – pity, sympathy



Horror – shock, horror, terror, panic

Nervousness – anxiety, worry, tenseness

There is new research from the Institute of Neuroscience and


Psychology at the University of Glasgow that says the range of

human emotion may be a little closer to a teaspoon than

previously thought.


Four basic emotions, according to this study; happy, sad,

afraid/surprised, and angry/disgusted.


From these 2 research that is above – can group as seen into

smaller groups,


One of my favorite authors is Gerald G. Jampolsky who wrote

“Love is Letting go of Fear” which is an amazing book – little as it

is but had a profound effect on my when I read it in the 1980s.


So, to get down to the basics of our emotions –Love is letting go

of Fear is probably a great little book to read.  The research

above is always good to know and understand also.






MSM is a very critical nutrient for your body to remain youthful

and energetic.  As we age, along with diet deficient in essential

nutrients, our bodies become stiff, our cells become rigid, and our

overall energy begins to rapidly decelerate.


MSM (methysulfonylmethane) is an organic sulfur compound that

is naturally derived during the earth’s rain cycle.  Sulfur is present

in many natural unprocessed foods, but it is quickly lost during the

cooking process.  MSM is gaining a lot of attention due to the

recent focus on longevity and anti-aging technologies.


Here is a list of 7 benefits from MSM:


  1. Improves skin health and complexion

Necessary for collagen production.  MSM can normalize collagen formation and radically improve skin health


  1. improves flexibility

MSM is highly effective in improving joint flexibility.  Increase in overall flexibility due to a restoration of the “juices” in the tissues


  1. Detoxifies the body

MSM make your cells more permeable.  Allows toxin and metabolic waste products to easily be moved out of the cells, while essential nutrients and hydration can be moved in.  It is a calcium phosphate dissolver, breaks up the bad calcium that at the root of degenerative diseases.


  1. Strengthens hair and nails

Collagen and keratin are both critical for the production of healthy hair and nails.  It is a “beauty mineral” that provides the sulfur needed to produce collagen and keratin.


  1. Accelerates healing

Lactic acid and other byproducts cause pin and soreness in the body.  MSM increases the ability of the body to eliminate waste products at the cellular level.  Speeds recovery and frees up more energy for rebuilding


  1. Naturally, increases energy

Due to the increased permeability of the cells, less energy is required to deal with the accumulation of toxins.  This results in more energy being redirected towards activity and necessary healing.  Digestion is the biggest energy requirement of the body.  Approximately 70-80% of your energy is spent on digestion each day).  MSM increases the absorption of nutrients so that the energy expenditure on digestion is vastly reduced


  1. Anti-inflammatory

MSM is a powerful anti-inflammatory due to its ability to allow metabolic wastes to be removed from the cells.  Excess weight on the body is actually inflammation.  The cells of the body are chronically inflamed and retaining the byproducts of metabolic process.  Sulfur needs to be present in order for these toxins and wastes to be removed from the body.  When these byproducts can be removed from the system, then the cells can also dispose of excess fluids that were being stored in a buffer.


I use to buy at People’s Pharmacy but it was very expensive-then

I found organic PC Network that sold 5 lbs. at a time that was



YOUR body needs MSM


Work your way up from ½ tsp a day until 3 tablespoons a day to see real benefit.

In early 2000 – I lost my childhood family-all to different cancers. In that same time period, I had both my hips replaced.  I now take Lithium Orate daily and all the B vitamins and healthy brain food so I do not have depression anymore.
Do not dwell on the negatives or not in your control issues. Our brains are wired so that when we do think/dwell the more we think/dwell on these things.
Get out of that pattern – break those thought patterns.
It is not easy but for a peaceful/harmony of thought it is necessary
Life is never perfect – but our thoughts have to be good thoughts, peaceful thoughts as possible.
Are you giving out good energy and thoughts?
Whatever YOU give out YOU will get back.
As we know, everything is DAILY – working daily, thinking daily, being daily.
These daily thoughts – good, healthy, peaceful and harmony thoughts help to keep YOUR brain functioning at the level YOU need to accomplish the PLAN YOU have for SELF.
As energy flows through our bodies it energises us so that we can be at the top of our game on a daily basis.
Of course, 365 days of the year SELF is not going to be on top – but it is working on it daily that keep SELF looking great, working great and walking tall above the fray.



What do YOU suppose the difference is between YOU

being negative and around negative people OR

YOU being positive and around positive people.

The best way to approach YOUR life is to try to stay away

from negative people; whether they are family or friends stay

away from them and if you find yourself around those kind of

people please smile, be as positive as possible, and do not

fall into their pattern of behavior because they will want YOU to

agree and just nodding your head verifies their mind-set.

Be at YOUR best – be at your most positive mind-set.

Stay away from people who are possessed with just a small

Thought process.  Narrow thinking makes people zero in on

negativity – they are not self-aware because they are needy,

all about managing others to their way of thinking.  They have

no idea about the WHOLE person-mind, body and spirit.  At this

blog and in my life I want YOU to be the most:  Self-aware person

you know so that you can help others in a more positive and

productive way that they need from YOU.

Be kind, be helpful, be positive, be happy, be loving, be generous

and YOU will see YOUR whole life change in super wonderful


Learn and read from the wonderful books that are available to

you.  The only way I feel wonder at 74 years of age is because

my mind is open for learning from others that have gone before


What does YOUR



One of my favorite authors and researchers is Immanuel

Velikovsky – he wrote, and you should read his writings, because

It is about YOUR history that is now only beginning to be

Understood and coming to the forefront of the WORLD.  But,

Because of Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky and his research of decades

And his writing we are now learning of the real World History.

But he paid the price because they are people who do not want

us to be SELF-AWARE, or be OUR BEST, or be the MOST

POSITIVE, and to know that the past may be the key to YOUR


YOU will never know what LIFE EXPECTS FROM YOU until


Not other self’s but of YOURSELF.

Never settle – in your personal life, in your professional life, in

your family life, or in your friend’s life.

Professor Velikovsky gave up a wonderful life because he would

not settle, would not cave-in, would not give up on the truths that

he knew would change the world thinking of their history.

In 1950 he already knew from his research there.  There were

some approximately 40 predictions that he made that the

academic scholars-so-called but not really said different than

Professor Velikovsky.

Be a Professor Velikovsky – see your higher-self, see that

what life expects from YOU, never settle for people around YOU

that are negative, that are needy, that are negative vampires.





YOU will only learn when YOUR MIND, BODY and SPIRIT are

In balance and working on it daily for the rest of your life.







Is Your energy frequency between 57 and 78?

Essential oils have the highest frequencies of any measured

Natural substance.

Emotions have frequency and so do thoughts.  Solids also have

frequency.  Those with consciousness such as humans

experience higher energy frequency states.  Humans vibrate at

the same levels.

Pure essential oils offer you natural way for harmonic wellness

at all levels (physical,emotional,mental and spiritual)  what other 1

item could do all that?  Laying the oils one after another is like

putting together and resonating in a symphony of musical notes

that is aligned with the rhythms of nature.

A higher biometric frequency encourages a body to regenerate

damaged cells, build a higher immune defense to viruses as well

as sustain energy vitality.

In a few decades’ scientists have gone from a conviction there

is no such thing as an energy field around the human body, to an

absolute certainty that it exists.  And to understand the roles of

energy fields in health and disease.  Because you are reading this

blog YOU understand that there is energy healing.


A healthy cell has a certain frequency; a healthy psyche is at the

right frequency.

We can re-balance our body frequencies – and feel good.

Our thoughts are vibrations also – we can change our perception

by changing our frequency.  Our thoughts can change our

personal world.

The following ae ways to change body frequencies and lift them

to a healthy level:

Better food, Live food, vegetables and fruits and adding nutrients.

One of the things I do is use my vita mixer and make chard juice

and add fresh ginger and turmeric with olive oil and ground


Dr. Royal Raymond Rife produced some astounding

accomplishments in medicine and biology in the 1920’s and 30

with frequencies.  First he invented a new kind of optical

microscope to observe virus in live cells and tissue culture and

invented a variable frequency flashing light ultrasound source

which could kill bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Some call it life force, others call it chi.  It is a vibration and it can

be measured.

We can try, on a daily basis, to vibrate at optimum energy

frequency state.

Negative thoughts lower our frequency by 12 MHz while positive

thoughts raise our frequency by 10 MHz


Healthy body is 62 – 78

Cold/foe           57 –  60

Cancer              42

Death                25

Below are 5 things that may help in raising YOUR frequency:

  1. Cook and eat fresh ingredients
  2. go offline as much as possible
  3. avoid drugs and toxins
  4. use therapeutic grade essential oils
  5. use the power of intention


Essential oils emit a spectrum of frequencies that come from the

bonds between elements comprising the molecules of their

compounds.  Each molecule is like a tiny stringed instrument

where the bonds between the atoms of carbon, hydrogen, and

oxygen act as strings of different pitches.

We allow our negative emotions and limiting thoughts to be in


Positive thinking is the way to go.






Footprints on sandy tropical beach at sunrise



Are you nurturing the spiritual side of SELF?

Always be the best YOU can be – that will lift you to the next level

Of YOUR spiritual life.


However, you do that is ok for YOU but we will go through

some things that might lift you up to another level or break

down the walls of any boxes you have built up around YOUR

Spiritual side.


Trying smiling MORE

Try having good intentions,

Try being positive

Try thinking good thoughts

Items that may help you lift up YOUR spiritual SELF to the next


Healthier choices – in food, relationships, professional life

Favorable changes in relationships

Good financial behavior

Others notice YOUR changes

Increased mindfulness – easier to get things done

Improved level of well-being – improvement at work

Improved and less time-consuming recovery from

unpleasant events

Improved response to pleasant events – more productive

Not overly attached to things

More fully present and engaged – in the zone

More content with who you are and what you have

More empowered to be your authentic self

Empower SELF – Empower SELF – Empower SELF

Be grateful every day for everything –put any negatives

that may come up for the day.  Life can have dramatic and

tragedies and trauma.  They are coming to all of us – those

traumas and tragedies.

What is in YOUR tool box to deal with the traumas and

tragedies that come into all our lives.

Use all the tools in YOUR toolbox:




Quiet place

Dinner with family and friends


Start a project and finish the project as YOUR goal.

Plan to do YOUR bucket list

Write in your journal

YOUR life patterns that show how YOU deal with tragedies

And trauma in your life are characteristics that come from

YOUR own life’s patterns:

It is easy, as we go through life, to pick up negative habits

that when real life tragedies and traumas come our way


Nurture SELF during the difficult times in YOUR life.  Use

All of your tools in your toolbox.  Pamper SELF, meditate

And sit quietly and be thankful for YOU.

The only way YOU can nurture SELF is by SELF

But in YOUR lifetime there will be those times when

You need to step it up for YOUR benefit and not go

Into depression or have anxiety.

Nurturing SELF 95% of the time is what YOU need to do

so in the down times that come with trauma and tragedies

YOUR toolbox will be there for you, and will be YOUR best

friend and ally in YOUR life.


YOU are a super person who has a super mind that needs

to be nurtured while you are living in this beautiful life.






Sometimes be stronger than today

Sometimes have more courage than today

Sometimes be more grateful than today

Glow within and glow without –  smile with that glow

This is all about nurturing YOUR spirit



Mind is Infinate

Do YOU believe that YOUR mind is infinite?

It is true – but you have to believe it and move those lines so you can see it is infinite.

The basic Universal Law is that the more you give the more you get back.

Take an algebra class, any critical thinking class and you will be surprised how well you can do when you go into that class knowing you are going to learn not only algebra but you will learn about SELF also.

Read so you have the knowledge and realize that infinite mind that YOU have.  Read non-fiction.  There is a lot of fiction that has been written because the author cannot write non-fiction for fear of retaliation —Graham Green, Tom Clancy, or Michael Creighton.

Spend YOUR time finding YOUR infinite mind —  Stay off the phone, don’t watch TV.

Give the rest of YOUR life a chance to know that infinite mind of YOURS.

Do not be taken in by other people’s lifestyle.  You can not find your infinite mind if worry about not having what other people have, or are jealousy.  Remember the Serenity Payer – you can only control YOU – no one else.

In all our lives – something will happen that will turn your world around and make you think.  Only then will you realize that by continually ignoring the thought process, you will have walked into a potentially damaging situation, not only with your eyes wide open but worse, a closed MIND.  Do not have a closed MIND.  Keep learning, developing with knowledge.  Do not stay stuck because you have always done it that way, my family always did it that way, that is what I learned in school and college.

Listen to interviews by Dr. Darrell Hamamoto – Professor of Asian Studies at the University of California– he is a wonderful Professor and interesting thoughts on college and what it is really about today.  So what he is saying to me is:  One has to be responsible for SELF and learn everything you can about current life and expand YOUR MIND outside of your usual path.

“Knowledge itself is power.”

– Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

 YOUR mind will work better not only in your thinking but what you put into your body so that it runs as well as it can on a daily basis.

I do take Lithium Orate – that is recommended by Dr. Johnathan Grey, who wrote,  “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.”  He has some wonderful information on his website.  He does sell it on his website but I buy from “The Power Hour”  radio show out of Missouri that has fabulous health information and sells quality products.  If you believe your brain is not working at the best level it should be and gets little foggy do consider Lithium Orate and read the research by, Dr Grey, Dr Mercola, Dr Blaylock and others.

One’s Mind is a terrible thing to waste – so true – do not waste YOUR mind – take CONTROL – take CHARGE – of YOUR MIND.

Fill YOUR mind with good thoughts of SELF and others but fill YOUR mind with knowledge every day – learn something new every day. YOU can only do that if you practice self-discipline and write it down, journal it.