It is most important that you either juice or blend vegetables as much as you can. I use a Vita Mixer and so I blend my vegetables. I have tried freezing for a week the vegetable juice which is fine but I have found for myself that I blend as the night meal and then will stay in refrigerator and drink the rest for that day. Juicing/blending gets the vegetables into your cells much better than chewing. Never going to do the same for your body.

Once in awhile I will do fruit but for my body and probably for yours also there is too much sugar and although there are good nutrients in organic fruit it does not get your PH level where it should be as vegetables do.

Author Ann Cameron cured her stage 4 colon cancer with carrot juice.  Do a search = amazing story.  My brother died of colon cancer but I do not believe some people would try carrot juice even though there are stories about the cure from it.