Healthy Nutrition

Keeping YOUR body pH balanced on a daily basis is easy:

  1. Start your day with a warm lemon water.
  1. Eat more raw foods-leafy greens
  1. Exercise and managing YOUR stress

I use the pH strips to check how I am doing – saliva closely

parallels the blood when it comes to pH – the blood is what we

want to be pH neutral.


What happens to your body when pH neutral is that it helps

people keep disease away –


I have known older family members that raised gardens and

chickens and cows.  Because they ate mostly what they raised

they lived to be in their late 80s and 90s without any major health


Grow some dark greens in a container if you do not have garden



Over acidity has been linked to formation of cancer, heart disease,

diabetes, and osteoporosis.


For the last 15 years – I have bought organic chicken feet at the

local farmer’s markets and it is filled with collagen that even at 75

my skin – from toes to top of head are smooth and wrinkle free.

Cooking instructions for chicken feet broth:

Dump 5 lbs. chicken feet in crock pot

Pour in a couple table spoons of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar

Cook for about 10-15 hours.

Let cool, fill canning jars – or can put in freezer bags.  Individual

portions so can have 1 portion a week.  Can put roasted chicken

in and vegetables if like chicken soup.  I just drink a cup of broth

once a week.

Also, once a week I juice chard and put turmeric into the juice.

So that the turmeric spreads into your body – pour a little Bragg’s

Olive oil and grind some black pepper into the juice.  I keep that

juice in a hermetic covered glass jar in refrig and it lasts from

Sunday through Thursday.

Keeping disease away should be everyone’s goal for their

aging healthy and happy.  My goal has been to stay healthy so

my children’s last weeks with me would not be in hospital but be

the active person I am.


Some people actually have too alkaline body naturally – and get

calcium deposits.  Lactic acid helps neutralize this buildup and

helps bring the body back to pH balance.  My uncle has

calcium deposits and passed in 1965 – when he was young he

was champion tennis player but his body calcified and was

never able to work and did not know Lactic acid would have

helped his disease.

All of the following can affect the pH levels in blood:





Having high acid diets are associated with gout and kidneys



Test your urine with the strips – but once you are on track with a

good alkaline diet and drinking good clean water you know that

your body is close to neutral 6.8 – 7.5.  I do not believe that a

person can keep at the exact neutral of 7.2.


The book that really started me on the alkaline diet was

Dr. Baroody’s Alkaline or Die book – has all the numbers for all

Foods that you will be eating and helps in a wonderful way.