YOU and YOUR Spirituality from Bible and other Religious Books

Each one of us can gain so much in our spiritual life from all the

books of the past.


I have gained so much from the Bible over the years and will

continue to do so for the rest of my life.  But, I have read other

texts and gained something from those also.

YOU can get lots of inspiration and encouragement from

many different books and historical texts that may help you during

a tragedy in your life, or when great changes are taking place in

your life or while we are aging and have to face the fact that this

The 75-year-old body is not that 50-year-old body that I remember.


My goal at the end of my life will be that I had done enough, read

enough loved enough, given enough so I do not say: “I wish I

had done more with my Life-I know I could have”.  That is what my

sister said and I remember it but that is exactly the opposite of

what I want at the end.

Turn off your tv and read and journal and meditate.

Knowing that it is evil in this world – YOUR spiritual life is

twice as important because YOU need to take part and be a

influence in your community for good and right and truth so that

the generations that follow you and I and everyone will know that

good conquered evil just as all the old historical texts talk about

like the Bible and all the good books from the past.


Always take care of yourself first and in the best possible way so

you die healthy and then branch out so you can take care of truth

in your community.

There are no different political parties in the world anymore-they

have been taken over by those evil groups and have only been

used to divide and conquer mind control.  So tune those out from

now on and concentrate on:

Individual liberty

Freedom of speech

Personal property rights

And the Constitution of America and the Bill of Rights are some of

the most individual freedom and individual property rights

documents were ever written and the group of evil people has largely

taken over and wiped away these wonderful documents that once

made American’s free and have their liberty.

Do your part in your home and in your community?