YOU and Empowering YOUR Spirituality as YOU age

In the 1980’s I read one of the many books by Dr. Joseph Murphy

– about one’s sub-conscious and have been moving forward with

that and many other of his books and many other but the following

are 10 ways to empower your soul by the Himalayan Institute


ONE:  Simplify! Simplify!

Sounds way too easy


TWO:  Choose a Direction

From reading and meditating from books like Dr. Murphy’s all

these many years I chose a direction for the last 25 years:

  1. Being productive is very important to me
  2. wrote a parenting series from Birth – Middle School
  3. Started a 5th-grade motivational series
  4. Built a website on Mind, Body, and
  5. Do a weekly podcast
  6. Knit baby blankets for family and friends having babies
  7. Took oil painting classes
  8. Took an algebra class at 65
  9. Have lots of different friends


THREE:  Transcend the Ordinary

Unleash your power of your imagination


FOUR:  See the Light

Live life – do not just exist


FIVE:  Meditate

Connect daily with GOD – your creator, the Beginning of ALL


SIX:  Be Fearless



SEVEN:  Wake Up!

YOU control the day instead of the day controlling YOU


EIGHT:  Eat for Life

Organic whole foods – 85% of your food


NINE:  Keep Good company

Keep good company to become good company


TEN:  Be flexible

Do not sweat the small things.


Here are some ways to grow your spirit and live your life


Follow your passion

Tie up loose ends

Be responsible in your relationships

Love sometimes means saying goodbye

Confront your inner demons

Go with the flow

Be patient

Love and honor your physical self

Understanding and dealing with death and illness

We each are here for a very short time a drop of water could be a

lifetime, one piece of sand could be one of us in the universe.

There are those who are never going to become because of their

genes or DNA or their lifestyle or their family;  But we each, who

want to live life can choose our spiritual life and make it our

daily life in Love, Forgiveness, and Harmony.