YOUR life and it’s meaning.


I have read lots of Ph.D.’s books on life’s meaning and what life

means.  Only YOU can tell what YOUR life means and how YOU

want it to look when YOU are gone.


YOUR life’s meaning can be anything YOU want it to be.

In search for meaning for YOUR life.

Think on the following:

Control each day

Plan each day

Have a mission each day

Produce something good each day

Write in a journal each day

Have gratitude each day

Be thankful each day

Treat your body as a temple each day

Be quiet a portion of the day

Exercise each day

Feed your body nutrition each day

2 weeks before my sister died of leukemia she told me “I wish I

would have done more with my life, I know I could have”.  It was

the saddest thing I had ever heard.  Life retains it’s meaning up to

the last moment of breath we take here on earth.

I have always done projects and worked on learning new things,

done a lot of volunteer work and worked at being productive all

my life so when my end here on earth came I would not have to

say “I wish” or ‘I regret”.  If you want to limit those statements,

then it is up to YOU to make a meaningful life and do not wait

until tomorrow, start today.



Inspire SELF

Empower SELF

Challenge SELF

Value SELF



Forgive SELF

Be true to SELF

Enjoy professional life

Enjoy SELF



Forgive others

All the above will help to keep YOU balanced and SAFE in your

own SELFHOOD for your meaning of YOUR life.

Always stay ahead and never behind as issues that come up in

life. That alone will help in YOUR search for meaning in YOUR

life. Take care of those problems and issues and get them off the

table so you can move on to the better things in YOUR life.

Grieving and anger will be covered on future blogs but those are

2 natural feelings that we all go through in life.

Keeping busy helps in YOUR search for meaningful life.

Enjoy each day

Be productive during the day

Turn off the TV

Read a good book

Pamper SELF

Work in YOUR garden – small or large

Sit in the sun

Have healthy relationships

Look for the silver lining.

Going from one day to the next day – I work on being as positive

as I can be and not complaining about others.  Does that work the

whole time?  Of course not, but I would say 85% of the time I am

positive and would not waste my time complaining.  For one thing

it slows me down on my daily mission.

Stop and smell the flowers – that it what I have been talking about

in this blog.  Be thankful for SELF, forgive SELF, love SELF and

most of all smell the flowers