YOU and Gilda Radner ““it’s Always Something” dying with cancer


It was in the early 1990a’s that I read Gilda’s book about her

journey as she was dying of ovarian cancer.

And I can remember as I was reading why was ovarian cancer

was so hard and took until it almost had reached the end for the

women with it.  It reinforced my thinking that somehow we needed

to keep our inside as healthy as we keep our outside.

Then they came up with a blood test several years after Gilda

passed and that was to help but not all women and not all doctors

were giving the blood test or knew enough to ask for it.


CA-125 Blood test is what they came up with-protein that is in the

blood.  I believe it came out after Gilda had passed also.

Her book is her personal account of her struggle with ovarian

cancer and her inspiring attempt to keep an upbeat attitude during

her illness.  Her discussion of a Santa Monica patient support

group called the Wellness Community is the best part of the

book and may be of interest to cancer patients and their families.


I was not a fan and have never like SNL but I did like Gilda and

her Roseanna Roseanna that I could watch sometimes.

Gilda and Gene Wilder, her husband, used comedy and their

the sense of humor to cope with cancer.


I remember in the late 1940’s my aunt had both her breast

removed and the pain she suffered after That-I believe they

mainly did research on women before the final and best treatment

becomes available.  And I believe Gilda had some of that also

with ovarian cancer before the last 20 years have helped in that



So YOU can help women and friends that are going through

cancer I highly recommend Gilda’s book, the “The Last Lecture” by

Randy or Dr. Thomas Dooley’s great book as he was dying about

“Before I Sleep”.


I lost my mother, brother and sister to 3 different cancers in the

The early 2000s and I hope as we went through their time in Hospice

that I was a comfort to each of them as they passed.


Be brave and courageous as we go through life, knowing that you

will have family and friends that are dying of cancer.  I know each

of you will be there for them in their journey.