YOU and YOUR Spiritual Happiness


Spiritual Happiness is defined as pertaining to or consisting of

spirit; not material; incorporeal; pertaining to th min or intellect;

mental; intellectual; pertaining to the soul or its affections a

influenced by the Divine Spirit; proceeding from or controlled and

inspired by the Holy Spirit.  Or it is defined as;  The state or

quality of being ahppy.


This is from the website:


Spiritual happiness is quite rare, and characterized by the

following treaits; serenity, kindness, humility,  non-materialistic

tendencies and of course the happiness just flows from them.  A

spiritual happy person is in tune with and accepting of



I think of myself as SPIRUTUALLY HAPPY.  And I hope that the

traits listed above are some of my best traits.


Studies have shown that children are more resilient when they

have some kind of spiritual belief system.  And, of course, that

applies to adults also.


YOUR spirituality is inside of YOU.  We are all spiritual beings, we

all have spirits.


When do YOU need Spiritual Happiness?


Every minute of every day


When you develop your own spiritual beliefs, you will find life is

easier.  Depending on how long you search and how deep you

delve, you may also find answers to the “Why am I here?” type of

questions.  They will be answers that makes sense to you.


SELFhood is knowing YOU inside and when you discover inside

yourself, the more often you use it.  The more often you beome

aware of a connection to something ibgger, the stronger the

connection becomes.  There may be times in your life when your

spiritual beliefs are lal you have to keep you going.  If you spend

some time now really working out what feels right for you, then,

should your world come crashing down, your safety net will be

firmly in place.


I wish I had meditated for years while I was younger, so that what

feels right for me now has been growing for the last 30 years.


I meditate, and say Thank You lots of times during the day.  I read

a lot and have over the last 10 or so years built my personal

library up to about 2,000 books, most of them non-fiction about

ancient history, world history, JFK, Jesuits, Dr. John Coleman’s

books, etc.


To find the spiritual happiness you deserve, explore the spirutality

within you.  Define your belief system and live it.


A happy life is incomplete without spiritual happiness