YOU and keeping JOY every day

Remember that even SMILING helps keep your CELLS happy so

just imagine having JOY every day does to your health and aging.

We all go through trauma during our lifetime and hopefully, we

can go through it and come out of that tunnel as fast as possible.

I am a believer that the longer we allow ourselves to be grieve,

have anxiety, hang onto anger, do not forgive SELF or others,

then the longer, we will not have JOY.  We each deserve JOY and

to have it every day, even for a few minutes every day is a

wonderful and JOYful thing.


Here from the website are some tips for JOY.

  1. Tell a new story change your story into whatever you want it to be.
  1. Feel the thoughts that make you feel good.

The sun in your face.  Sitting on your deck.  Being with a

Loved one.  Thinking happy memories.

  1. Spring clean your belief system

Beliefs are only thoughts that we keep thinking.  No belief is

set in stone.

  1. Get happy now
  1. get into gratitude
  1. create a bliss board

fill a board with [ictures, captions or words that you want your life to reflect.

  1. Take a lea[ of faith.

Have new experiences

Here are some tips from and some of their

suggestion for Joy:

  1. Lie down and think
  1. jump up and down
  1. sing out
  1. do something nice for someone
  1. pick three things to dream about today
  1. write someone a note
  1. make a card and send it
  1. do a dance
  1. breathe deep, hold, then release
  1. scrub a surface
  1. look at flowers
  1. give a darn
  1. read a real book
  1. go to tea and renew a friendship
  1. sit by or walk along the water

JOY is a state of mind.  We are going to go through valleys and

mountain tops in our life.  If you have not had those valleys and

mountain tops than I believe YOU should start a journal about

why those 2 emotions have not been in your life.  But, for most of

us that have had those emotions and feelings in our life than to

find that JOY we all need for most of our life we need to:

Forgive SELF

Forgive Others

Let go of anger

Change SELF

SMILE and have JOY today