YOU and YOUR consciousness, Spirit and the Mind

There is so much written and researched about the 3 items in the

title of today’s blog and we will only be able to touch on a little of it

today but it will become one of our continuing education sessions

here.  Always learning, growing and developing and knowing what

we are, where we are going, and how grateful we each should be

for this moment in time to be here.


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Remembering our true spiritual natures is a prerequisite for

enjoying this earth-walk and fulfilling our soul’s missions.

Many esteemed scientists lend further proof that we each are

beings of energy and indestructible souls

Dr. Friedbert Karger, German physicist at Munich’s Max Planck

Institute, has extensively studied afterlife phenomena. And states:

“The consciousness-or soul-of a man lives beyond the body.  The

body is a tool that consciousness uses.

When the body dies, the soul remains… Death is not an end but a

transition from one state to another.  “He says that many famous

physicists have expressed an interest in the spiritual world.

The following are physicist, doctors, scientist and they all are

believers of the afterlife and how great is that these people of

science are believers.

Thomas Edison believed in life beyond death and after

awakening from a coma, he stated: “It is very beautiful over


Dr. Wilder Penfield, father of neurosurgery and much of us

understanding of brain function.  Thought for many years there is

no afterlife but after fifty years of research, he changed his mind.

He wrote a book “The Mystery of the Mind.  And took it very


Do not forget about the great book:  Science of the Mind – you

need to have these books for your library.

They that have gone before us are close to us – maybe not all the

time – but they come in and out of our energy fields I believe and

give us comfort as we can feel their presence

Have a wonder day and be a believer and share that