YOU and Consciousness, Energy & Heaven & Afterlife

There are probably thousands of ways people on earth look at

the afterlife.  Yet, there are people like Christopher Hitchens who

believed in nothing after his body died.

As intelligent of an author as he was and not believe in a Higher

Power or look out over this earth, this universe and not say

“Someone One made this”.  Could he not think that big?  Did he

not know anything about energy and vibrations between the

planets, the sun and the moon and all the putting together of

atoms and cells and all these little pieces of everything we and

everything in the Universe is made up of.

I wrote a blog about Hitchens- his book “Mortality”.  These

atheists cannot see beyond themselves?  I do not know about

them but it makes me think they cannot see beyond SELF.  TO

me it is very sad and it maybe was a shock for him or other

atheists who shed this earthly body and move up into a realm

they never believed in.  Must be very surprised and very sad.

Today, I want to tell you about Dr. Joseph Murphy and so this is

our continued stories about different people and their story and

how they have affected us out here who has read them for years

and they have influenced us.

Murphy was born in Ireland, the son of a private boy’s school

headmaster and raised a Roman Catholic.  He joined the Jesuits.

In his twenties, before being ordained a priest, an experience with

healing prayer led him to leave the Jesuits and move to the

United States, where he became a pharmacist in New York City,

he had a degree in chemistry.  He attended the Church of the

Healing Christ.

He traveled to India and spent a lot of time with Indian asages,

learning Hindu philosophy.  He later on formed a new church in

America with Hindu ideologies.

He moved to Los Angeles, where he became ordained into

Divine Science, and he became the minister of the Los Angeles

Divine Science Church in 1949, which he built into one of the

largest New Thought congregations in the country

I have most of Dr. Murphy’s books and re-read them all the time

and appreciate his thoughts.

Hi beliefs are:

Affirmative prayer,

Creative visualization


Higher consciousness

Positive thinking

Prosperity theology

And probably more but those are the ones that I align with from

his books that I have read over the last 30 years.

He passed several years before I came across his lovely books.

I always appreciate anyone who preaches positive thoughts

because it helps me.

Have a wonderful week