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YOU and Keeping YOUR Brain/Mind YOUNG as YOU age


This is from Donald Stuss, PhD., a neuropsychologist –“The best

advice I can give to keep your brain healthy and young is aerobic

exercise> “Putting on your sneakers and getting your heart rate



Here is Mark McDaniel, Ph.D., professor of psychology at

Washington University in St. Louis, adds, “I would suggest a

combined program of aerobics and weight training.  Studies show

the best outcomes for those engaged in both types of exercise.”


The preeminent exercise and brain health researcher in humans

is Arthur Kramer at the University of Illinois at Urbana-

Champaign.  In a dozen studies over the past few years, with

titles such as “aerobic fitness Reduces Brain Tissue Loss in

Aging Humans.”  Kramer and his colleagues have proved two

critical findings:  Fit people have sharper brains, and people who

are out of shape, but then get into shape, sharpen up their brains.


Working out makes yo smarter, and it does so at all stages of life.

In concert with a good workout routine, you should eat right to

avoid the diseases that modern flesh is heir to.

It used to be that as we aged we naturally thought our brains were

slowing down.  “You brain is a learning machine,” says Michael

Merzenich, Ph.D., a neuroscientist at the University of California.

Given the right tools, we can train our brains to act like they did

when we were younger.  All that is required is dedicated practice:

exercises for the mind.


Merzenich has developed a computer-based training regimen to

speed up how the brain processes information(positscience.com).


Nintendo has a handheld game called Brain Age:  Train Your

Brain in Minutes a Day.

There are all kinds of games and challenges that you can do:

Jigsaw puzzles

Learning new language


Contract bridge


Much more to help you maintain the brain/mind while we age

Listed below is the list from Harvard for your brain as aging:

Improve diet


Improve blood pressure

Improve blood sugar


University of California:

Be social

Stimulate your brain

Men’s Health:

Pick up your pace

Learn another language

Don’t be so cynical

Brush and floss every day


It is all about YOU aging healthy