Dr. Wakefield’s crucifixtion is a desperate well-orchestrated effort to restore faith in risky vaccinations that the majority of people worldwide no longer trust -Dr. Len Horowitz

The headlines blasted around the world vilifying Dr. Wakefield should instead have been trumpeting the success enjoyed by the team of doctors at the Royal Free Hospital in London, the families of the kids who participated, and certainly the children themselves, when the treatments for their inflamed bowels resulted in amelioration of their symptoms of autism. When kids who hadn’t been able to sleep through the night for months began getting a full night’s sleep. When kids who hadn’t spoken for months – or longer – again began speaking, and speaking at a level commensurate with their age at the time, not at the age at which they’d stopped speaking; thus demonstrating continued mental growth despite the outward appearance of absence. And kids who’d lost emotional connection with their families once again recognized and bonded with their parents and siblings.

A few years after Dr Wakefield found vaccine-strain measles virus in the gut of measles-vaccinated children with autism and bowel disease, US autism researcher Dr Jeff Bradstreet presented evidence to the Institute of Medicine in Washington showing vaccine-strain measles virus in the cerebral-spinal fluid of three children with autism and bowel disease. That most definitely should not be in central nervous system, however we know that surfactants in vaccines can breech the blood brain barrier, allowing vaccine ingredients to gain access to the CNS; a likely cause of SIDS. Dr Bradstreet’s office was then raided by the FDA, and a few days later his body was found in a river with a gunshot wound to the chest. Authorities are calling the incident a suicide. Full text of article from The Daily Mail


Dr. Wakefield is a wonderful person who has stood his ground on his science and what could be devastating for many parents around the globe.  I hope you will research his work and the kind of great person he is in today’s environment.