YOU and What is YOUR Protocol if you get Cancer

The following is from natural news. Com and then there is a

the section that in 2017, an estimated 1,688,780 new cancer cases

are expected to be diagnosed and about 600,920 people will die

from the disease in the United States, according to the annual

report by the American Cancer Society.

The New York scientists explained that while shrinking the

tumors, chemotherapy simultaneously opens new doorways for

tumors to spread into the blood system, triggering more

aggressive tumors which often result in death.


The researchers believe toxic chemo drugs switch on repair

mechanism in the body that allow tumors to grow back faster.

Furthermore, Dr. George Karagiannis, l lead author of the

study and his team found that two common chemo drugs

increased the number of “doorways” on blood vessels which

allowed cancer cells to spread to other parts of the body.  The

the team also discovered that chemotherapy increased the number of

cancer cells circulating the body and lungs of mice.

Though this study only investigated the effects of chemotherapy

on breast cancer, the researchers are currently experimenting

with other types of cancer to see if similar effects occur.


This is Linda speaking now:

My plan is never to have the disease called cancer but

I have a protocol that I will follow if such a thing does pop up in

my body:

I will stop eating or drink anything that is not organic and pure.

I will juice 5 times a day

I will take turmeric 5 times a day

I will only drink my distilled water or PH water filter I have

I will stop eating in restaurants

I will take Carnivore, and whatever else Ty Bollinger has on his list.

What is your protocol if you get cancer or diabetes?