YOU and thinking outside the box

In today’s world, it is easy to stay the same as your have always

been, Because, it is safe and you are comfortable but in reality if

you stay within the area where it is comfortable and safety then

YOU will never grow and develop into the person of:


What Does Life Expect from YOU?


That is the name of my podcast and I think about it every day

because I am learning every day to reach outside of my comfort

zone and where I feel safe.


If you do that reaching outside SELF and learn more then when it

is time for you to go over the bridge you will not have those

regrets.  My sister said: “I wish I had done with my life, I know I

could have” – two weeks before she died she said that to me.  My

heart broke, and that still, to this day is the saddest thing I have

ever heard.


Reach beyond SELF-learn something and read something that

you have never even understood before.


Search for something new to learn, take a physics class, study

how to paint a beautiful picture.  Sew something for your

grandchildren.  Learn about the side-effects of prescription drugs,

learn about side-effects of vaccines.


It is easy and safe to stay within YOUR box.  I like being

productive and it is necessary for me because I can fall quickly

into patterns of reading a lot, sleeping too much, and to keep from

doing that I have to keep busy and productive.  If I sit down and

watch Netflix I am knitting because to me it is a waste of time,

unless I am exhausted, to just sit and watch anything that is


YOU can make your bucket list anything it does not have to be

traveling or anything expensive.  A bucket list can include

volunteering, making crafty things for presents, going to fun things

with the grandchildren.