YOU and the Electric Universe Theory and YOUR Spirituality

For most of our life, our world is very closed in and limited within

our family, friends, and communities in which we live.  But, today I

would like to talk about how each of us is connected and how

each of us is related to the universe from the time of our

conception to this moment we share here.


The following if from the website:

The electric universe theory highlights the importance of electricity

throughout the universe.  It is based on the recognition o existing

natural electrical pheo=nomena(lighting, St. Elmo’s Fire) and the

known properties of plasmas (ionized “gasses”) which make up

99.999% of the visible universe, and react strongly to electro-

magnetic fields.  Much of the material considered by the Electric

Universe is peer-reviewed, but not all


Electricity throughout the Universe

Electricity in the universe has been identified from beneath our

feet, in animals, and plants, our biosphere, and out to the furthest

reaches of the Universe.  In general, electricity is present

wherever we find plasma, and since 99.999% of the visible

the universe is in the plasma state, magnetic field and electric current

are nearly everywhere.

Some of the researchers study different kinds of electricity:

Solar electricity

Interplanetary electricity

Galactic electricity

Intergalactic electricity


Plus, others

Search out these so you see how we are all connected and

everything in this universe is connected somehow, it all may be a

little different but we are all there.

Stretch your mind to see that.

I am a strong believer – it may not be the same as your belief but

I have a great love for our creator who has given us all we each

have.  And here is a little bit from Stephen Smith:

Above and below

Phenomena on earth, as well as in deep space, share similar


The following is from David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill,

Thunderbolts of the Gods

From the smallest particle to the largest galactic formation, the web

of electrical circuitry connects and unifies all of nature, organizing

galaxies, energizing star, giving birth to plants and, on our own,

the world, controlling the weather and animating biological organisms.

There are no isolated islands in an electric universe.

What a statement to let us know we are ONE and all connected to

the Creator.