YOU and Vitamin D3

The following is from Natural News about Vitamin D

Vitamin D intake reduces the risk of cancer by 30% among post-

menopausal women, a new study suggests.  Yet, “health experts”

still, say that there is no conclusive link between vitamin D intake

and reduced cancer risk.  According to Mari McCullough,

Strategic Director of Nutritional Epidemiology for the American

Cancer Society, data from scientific reviews show varying

conclusions about the vitamins’ role in mitigating the risk.


Data show that women who take vitamin D and calcium

supplements have a 30% reduced risk of cancer compared with

the control group.  Further analysis of blood samples also reveals

that the women who developed cancer over the course of the

study had significantly lower vitamin D levels than their healthier

counterparts.  Take note that the participants who were in the

vitamin D a calcium supplements group took significantly more

vitamin D than usual target levels.  This does suggest that

increasing vitamin D levels can substantially reduce the odds of


Researchers at Creighton University and the University of

California San Diego examine 2,303 healthy post-menopausal

women aged 55 years and older w ho were given either 2,000 IU

of vitamin D3 and 1,500 calcium over a four-year study period.

“the study provides evidence that higher concentrations of 25D in

the blood, in the context of vitamin D3 and calcium, decreases

the risk of cancer.  The study indicates that vitamin D is a critical tool in

fighting cancer.

Always take Vitamin D3 – not only for decrease in cancer risk but

for your overall healthy.

YOUR body needs D3 and here is a list of some of the wonderful

benefits of D3 not only for cancer but:

Nutrition for your brain

Nutritional support for autoimmune disorders

Immune system support

Fights disease

Fights depressio

Boosts weight loss

Some food sources of D



Egg yolk


Fortified milk

Fortified yogurt

Fortified orange juice


Stronger bones

Improves muscle function

Protection from cardiovascular disease

Decreased risk of type 2 diabetes

Lots of good reasons to take Vitamin D3