YOU and the beneficial effects of Garlic and latest research

Listed below is some information from US National Library of

Medicine, NIH:

Effects of garlic on cardiovascular diseases

Anti-tumor effect of garlic

Diabetes mellitus

Anti-microbial effect

Anti-protozoal properties

Antifungal properties

Antiviral properties

The above comes from the library and their conclusion is a recent

increase in the popularity of alternative medicine and natural

products have renewed interest in garlic and their derivatives as

potential natural remedies.  This review may be useful to

increase our knowledge of garlic therapeutic effects and improve

our future experimental and clinical research plans.  Although it is

shown that garlic may have a significant clinical potential either in

their own right or as adjuvant therapy in different disorders,

however, due to some issues, such as methodological

inadequacies, small sample sizes, lack of information regarding

dose rationale, variation between efficacy and effectiveness trials,

the absence of a placebo comparator, or lack of control groups

more standard experiments and researches are needed to

confirm the beneficial effect of garlic in various diseases.  Future

trials on the effect of garlic should include information on the

dosage of active ingredients of standardized garlic preparations

for better comparison of trials.  It would also be interesting to

explore the effect of different forms of garlic extract on standard

drug therapy, especially when used as adjuvant therapy.


Of course, it is my belief that eating fresh garlic is very beneficial,

whether putting in salads, or cooking with pasta or any other

foods that garlic is very beneficial.

First you want to do prevention and start eating fresh garlic when

you are young and as you mature and develop because it is good

for your system.

Garlic is a natural and organic food – use it as much as you want.

I have over the years eaten lots of garlic, when I do eat too much

my daughter can smell it on me so do be careful of that.  Put it in

your green juice.