YOU and a broken spirit

None of us like to think our Spirit can be broken.  My Spirit is

strong and it will never be broken.


But, sad to say that during one’s lifetime there may be more than

once when our Spirit may be broken and we have to go on and

like they say, “Fight another day”, or do the best we can, or find

the peace and joy to move on.


Here are a few items that may break a human’s Spirit:

Destroy their self-esteem, take away their joy in life,

Their belief and joy in who they are

To take away their dreams and the life they had hoped for

To have emotionally beaten down to the point where they go from

being who they were to someone who has lost all hopes and

dreams of the person they had once been.

Breaking someone’s spirit is often done by physical, mental,

emotional or sexual abuse – or by all of these methods.

When a person’s spirit is broken, they often feel they are not

deserving of joy, or they may have even totally lost all hope or

the desire for happiness; it is a feeling of total emotional defeat.

This can happen to people in many different situations and

settings, such as a parent constantly treating their child in a

demeaning and belittling manner, or a spouse treating their wife

or husband in that manner.  It can also happen to a child who is

being bullied by other children, or to prisoners being treated badly

by the prison staff or other inmates.  A broken spirit can also

happen when a person is a victim of a violent crime.  Having a

spouse ask for a divorce or being laid off or fired from a job can

result in a broken spirit because that person may feel rejected and


Having a broken spirit can often leave the person in a state of

depression, which can also result in suicidal thoughts, because in

many cases, the person has been conditioned to believe they are

not worthy of not only happiness but also of life

The above is from Joyce Galloway Parker

But, there is HOPE – always HOPE – and always the
Sun will come out tomorrow!!!

My motto – the sun will come out tomorrow!  From “Annie”


I went through my breaking spirit period, of course, I have had

other times in my life, but I had health issue at the same time with

my hips so all in all just added to my just laying down and feeling



But, here are some natural ways to life YOUR Sprit when down:

  1. Eat often and eat light
  1. limit refined carbohydrates
  1. include a small amount of lean protein at every meal
  1. eat foods rich in omega-3 fats.
  1. Ramp up your B-12 and folate
  1. ramp up your exercise
  1. a regular sleep schedule
  1. sit outside and breathe in the fresh air
  1. listen to music you love
  1. indulge your senses
  1. do something that brings you joy
  1. play or cuddle up with your furry friend
  1. volunteer
  1. fake it till you make it
  1. create a list of natural  meals that will work for you


Have JOY in the TODAY